28 January 2008

The kind stranger..

After having gone through a crappy time past 3-4 days, even one little kind word from someone matters so much...
This post is just an outburst of emotion within me...it might seem childish to the point of being stupid! well as mentioned, i was going through a rough time for the past few days...i was like totally drained emotionally, physically and financially too!! The reasons for which are not quite important..but yes, in such a state of mind what came across as a ray of sunshine was a kind gesture from the bus driver of the MBTA bus i took today while coming to office. The walk from the bus stop to my office is like 10 min, feels like 20 min walk in the snow and wind chill. But this particular driver was so concerned about me having to walk in the snow that he went out of the way and stopped the bus at the signal, so i didnt have to walk. this gesture for some reason made me so happy! I dont know why....right now, im feeling kind of stupid even writing this, but at that moment, i felt like going and hugging the driver! It kind of renewed my faith that humans can be considerate too! (my faith in the 'human' streak in humans has always been shakey, for some reason!)

04 January 2008


Saw Taare Zameen Par few days back and was simply stunned by the movie...truly awesome!! after a long time iv cried while watching any movie!!
Yet again, Amir Khan came out as a bold entertainer, this time as the director...willing to take risks and venture out to do something new!! hats off to the movie:)