30 July 2009

V is for..

I dont quite understand why people show the victory sign while posing for random photographs?!

Sure, if you win something, then it makes sense, but why otherwise?!

06 July 2009


Had made a mental note to myself that I would attempt a travel-log of my trip to SFO and Big Sur. But I know thats not gonna happen.
Though there is something that I need to write down for my own memory, and future reference:

*start of rant*
We had booked into the Hilton for the 4th July night in SFO. And had got a pretty cheap deal for it too. I was obviously impressed with the Hotel, its hugh swimming pool, interior, the rooms and the super comfy pillows (I almost smuggled one out, but then the thought of the Hilton security handcuffing me and turning me over to the police made me rethink a little bit). Everything went fine till the next morning when we went for what I thought was a complimentary breakfast. 80% of the hotels have a complimentary breakfast for their guests and I thought Hilton was no exception. It said so on their website too. So a ravished me, stocked up on fresh fruit, cereals, oatmeal, cake and whatever my tummy could hold that morning. All happy and well fed, we went over to check out and saw a charge of 75 bucks as breakfast charge for the two of us. And I was like Holy cow!! did we just eat a 30 bucks breakfast when there were a number of cheap options nearby (hell, there was a starbucks inside the Hilton!)?!! Anyways, my 20 minute yelling on the checkout lady didnt help, and had to pay for our breakfast. I did tell the lady at the end of my 20 minute session to mention these things clearly on websites and stop fooling people, ripping them off with all these hidden costs and that I would be posting a very very bad review about them online. (maybe I wont put the review but would never go there again :|)
So the charges of our breakfast and 45 $ parking (one day) turned out to be almost as much as what we paid for the room in the first place! Other than this nasty incident ( well, for me it was nasty, coz i really get pissed when my money goes waste in unnecessary things, like buying a 2$ water bottle at the airport every time just because they dont allow bottles past security. They even threw away my empty bottle at the security!), I had a wonderful long weekend.

*end of rant*