29 July 2008

no time for a title

For some reason, iv always, even as a child, been fascinated by heights, the vast expanse of oceans or rather 'vast-ness' of things in general...
i get this high, the 'adrenaline-rush' in me whenever i see the world from the top, like seeing the entire LA sprawled in front of my eyes when the tallest roller-coaster in six flags, LA reached its pinnacle, seeing boston from the skywalk observatory, and realising for the first time how beautiful the city is!! seeing new york from the empire state building...for me, these moments leave a special mark in my mind...more than the after effects, its that momentary thrill i get...more than the visual sight, its the feeling i remember when i think of these places.
I even find a weird sense of crazy joy when i go as far as i can into the ocean and stare at the unending expanse, the uncluttered view and stare at the thin line that connects the water and the sky, i somehow feel very powerful from within at these moments yet realising how powerful the nature is, and how meek we are in front of it. i may be totally at nature's mercy at these moments, but i feel like a person who is riding the tsunami!! The trip to the grand canyon was another exhilerating experience. I feel there is nothing 'beautiful' about the grand canyon other than a display of what nature can do...it completely bowled me over...looking at the symmetric patterns carved into the earth!!...and its HUGE!!
Why is it that i always get these thoughts, some random ramblings when i have some work to do? The stuff i am working on at the moment has reached a point when "dava ki nahi, dua ki jaroorat hoti hai". The workload pressure surely stimulates my blog-writing-hormones!!
erm, back to my work, music coming in through my headphones: Dhingana's top 10 list.

22 July 2008

how about some politics?

I generally keep my political opinions to myself and prefer listening to people rather than stating my opinions when it comes to politics. But for once, i was truly happy when the UPA won the vote of confidence. For one, our PM, Manmohan Singh is one of my favorite politicians. I mean ok, chosing a favorite politician is like chosing from among a mob of bad people who is better among them all, but still, I do like him, as a person and as a politician. True, prices have risen during his regime, the middle class did bear the brunt, but then again, who can guarantee this wouldnt have happened if some other party was in power?!
The PM's reaction after the vote of confidence, especially this:
is something i enjoyed reading. This is the way to get back (if you have to) at someone, rather than cursing the person or disrupting the parliament sessions.
But yes, im happy that the nuclear deal will atleast hopefully see light.