27 August 2009


Florida, here I come! yahooo!! With the long weekend in sight, I cant help but get excited about visiting Florida. Well, I am a little bit worried about the hurricane warning during the weekend, but then I have been told that these warning are never accurate. So, keeping my fingers crossed. Assuming my vacation doesnt get drenched by rain and horrible weather, I am looking forward to relaxing and having some fun!
I will mostly be staying somewhere near Miami, and dont plan to travel a lot once im there ;-) . I just plan to park myself at nearby beaches and laze around. So, if anyone has been to florida (specifically in and around Miami) before, suggestions are welcome!
I know this doesnt qualify as a decent post, but its still better than the twits I have been posting for the past month here! I promise myself to start writing and updating my blog regularly once im back from my vacation.

22 August 2009

Someone!! Please stop me from watching Rakhi ka Swayamvar!!!

11 August 2009

Few hours ago, all I wanted to do was write about the insensitive remarks the health minister has been making with regards to the H1N1 virus spread in India. But all I want to do now, is pray for the well being of my family back in Pune. I dont really have words to write anything more. I am terrified, to say the least.

my Nightlife is gone!!

What happened to my Nightlife blog template (that is the name of the template I had downloaded from the internet few months back)!!?? One fine day it just disappeared and was replaced by weird notices saying that the template has been inactive for 90 days! Well , it was about time that i changed it. I mean, 'nightlife!'...that is so opposite of what my life is right now!! It would have been more apt during my grad days when I actually had a rocking "nightlife"!! Anyways, So here's presenting you with a simpler template. :-)