22 April 2009


You really don't have to look far when the time comes to finding inspiration. Just look around at your friends and family, and you will find loads of inspiration to better yourself. I know I know, the motivation should come from within yourself, and who would know that better than me, the proponent of Ayn Rand philosophies. But even then, for a person like me, additional triggers are necessary than what me, myself has to offer me. And such trigger I got yesterday, after talking to a dear friend. Let me take this opportunity (though i did tell you this over the phone) in saying again, that I am so very proud of you. Really. Now, I know you don't read blogs, and even if you did, I dont think you'd know i was talking about you. But its people like these and many more, who personify determination and perseverance, both of which i lack in great quantities. And its people like these who really push me to better myself. So, all you dear and crazy friends, unknowingly, you are helping me become a better person. Hats off to you guys!!

14 April 2009

My desk is happy :)

Something unusual happened at work today...I cleaned my cabin !(Well recently my cabin had started looking like the remnants of a disaster prone area, struck by a tornado)!! yay!! and a pat on by back. What triggered this drastic action was one of the ASIC guys coming over to my desk to talk about something, giving a huge sigh and saying "you firmware guys have real untidy desks!". Now, this is not the first time someone has commented on my desk, but then generalizing all my group mates desks based on mine?!!I wasnt gonna let that happen, was I ? (Though I do admit we firmware guys do have a lot of stuff on our desk! But cant help it right?) So i spent almost an hour tidying my desk. Threw redundant printouts of code, datasheets, trip itenaries and other documents in paper recycle bin. Filed the documents i really needed for furture use. Threw away empty juice bottles that i had arranged neatly on the rack (i call it the trash rack) in the corner. The cables, connectors, stray pins and wire clips went to their respective place. My cabin was literally piled high with hard disks, memory cards, WiFi adapters i was using in my previous projects last year. Threw the dead ones away and labelled and stacked the good ones. Arranged the books neatly on the book rack next to the files and folders. Rearraged the current electronics im working on in such a way that i have place to keep my fax machine (which currently was perched precariously on a chair I initially used for people to sit down when they came to my cabin to talk about something.). The best part about this afternoon activity is that now, im feeling great with a sense of accomplishment and I found my flash drive which was missing since... well ever since my desk has been dirty! Just thought I should document this awesome feeling! Back to work!!

13 April 2009

Alls wrong that starts wrong?

What a way to start the work week. All I can say is that im feeling intense disappointment, anger, why-this-had-to-happen-to-me emotion and a hope that it may not be as bad as it seems. I also realized that its easier said than done to not get attached to your firsts. * sigh *