02 January 2010

happy new year :)

Aah!! the ever so famous new year post!!
But I have to say, year 2009 rocked! Been a good year overall... both professionally and personally. No major upsetting, shattering, frustrating events (touchwood!) Travelled a LOT!! Had a chance to catch up with friends staying in different places. Im kind of sad that it is ending and keeping my fingers crossed for so many things lined up to happen this year!!

Finally mustered up the time and enthusiasm to catch up on the movie front over the xmas vacation. Now, im not very good at writing reviews, but allow me to voice one line opinions about the movies I saw over the vacation.

1) Rocket singh : Liked it. 3.5/5 stars.
2) 3 idiots: Went without any expectations, but it failed to make a mark in my mind. Found the movie entertaining (but not well made), too much of a caricature and goes over the top to make the point regarding the worthless-ness of the education system. 3/5 stars
3) Avatar: CLASSY!!! totally loved it. One of its kind movie made on alternate existence (that is if you at all go into the story part, beyond the mindblowing graphics) 4.5/5 stars
4) The Ugly truth : a romantic comedy, with the comedy element greater than the romance. Nice movie. 3.5/5 stars

Missed my chance to watch Paa. Its out of the theaters here :( maybe will watch it in India.