30 April 2010

Have to make a note of this:

Writing this post from 35,000ft. Aboard Virgin America flight to SFO and they have this onflight internet access available (paid). After much contemplation, of whether to spend 12 bucks for internet for 6 hours, I finally gave in. Surfing at this height has its own thrill!! Is technology great or what?!!

Now if you will excuse me, I shall go back to enjoying this luxury!


27 April 2010

On wisdom and teeth

One of my friends is having his wisdom tooth, and was telling me how painful it is. It suddenly struck me that I have not had my wisdom tooth yet. Ok, im glad I dont have to suffer the pain, which seemed a lot going by the friend's description. But on the other hand, it really freaked me out that at 26, I still dont have my wisdom (tooth). So I turned to google to check out the age when you generally get wisdom tooth, and according to Wiki, its between 17 to 25. The second question is do all the people get wisdom teeth. Again google rescued me by stating 2-5% individuals dont get them (Do I feel special or what, to be among the chosen few!!). But I do intend to see a dentist and make sure there is nothing wrong. Or do I need to check on the 'wisdom' front? I wonder...

22 April 2010

writing up random things always makes for an easy post!!

Being a person who chooses the easy way, (as against a more difficult and the correct way) I shall just write some random things here, as against a more meaningful, thought provocating post.

One of the utilities guy at work, who is mexican and does not speak much english was chatting with me (with a lot of gestures and broken english) in the lounge the other day when i was getting coffee. The conversation ran like this:
E: I think you is very nice shape.
me: nice shape?
E: Yes, you is not round.
me: (lol in mind) I am a little round.
E: no no, very nice shape. You run?
me: I run towards chocolates, if that counts.
And so went the funny conversation for few more minutes.
But that conversation made me realise that I decided something, and stuck to it. Believe me, it rarely happens. Last year around the same time, I had decided I would increase my fitness level, which had hit rock bottom ever since my grad days. I never had any health issues or weight problems back in India. I guess I was inherently fit, with all the sports I used to play in school and all the cycling I used to do till junior college. If i remember correctly, I used to bike to Fergusson college for most part of my first year, and only got my spirit in the second year. But come grad school, the exposure to all the sinful chocolates, cookies and other junk I love, I had literally ballooned up during my RPI days, and the trend continued after I started work. It was only last year that I realised how low my immunity to fight minor things like cold had hit, that I decided to start improving my health again. What it meant was, I got myself a membership at my local gym, and went there 3-4 times a week. "They" say a balance of exercise and healthy eating habits ensures good health. But chocolates and sweets being my weekness, I knew I had to rely on the 'exercise' part to get back in shape. Well, I wouldnt say im 'in shape' even now, but I am definitely healthier than what i was 2-3 years back.

Ever since getting married and coming back from India, I am feeling very .. something along the lines of feeling down. Rather not-cheerful would be a better word. I am super happy to be married and all that, but really pissed off that I (or rather we) cannot enjoy the the togetherness more often. I never knew getting a transfer to the west coast could be such a pain in the a.s.s. And this whole coastal exchange programme (thats our east meets west monthly programme) is bogging me down. There are quite a few good things happening in my life right now, if I were to look at my life from an outside point of view, but the one thing "I" want it to happen, is not happening. grrr :|. Just fogetting about my job and shifting there without work does not appeal to me. The fact that I would be living off my husband's money, does appeal a little bit ;). But I seriously hope that all this is sorted out.. and quickly.

On a lighter note, as if I wasnt travelling enough already, S and I have planned a trip to Alaska! Actually I was a bit surprised at the fact that we did not argue at all on where to go for a vacation. Signs of growing up, eh ;) .One week in Alaska. yay!! There is still some time for the vacation, but I am pretty excited about it from now! I have been told that couples go on something called 'honeymoons' after marriage. Well, we didnt go on one, and so decided to go on an adventure trip and call that trip our honeymoon. I still dont know what is the difference between a 'honeymoon trip' and a normal touristy trip you take as a couple. Not exactly food for thought, but just a musing. Seeing the aurora borealis was one reason (among the many other) that we chose Alaska, but I only found out much later that they can be seen only around the equinoxes , that is around march/april and
august/september. But then the excitement about Alaska had already built up by that time to cancel it only for this reason, that we decided to go anyways. The fact that not many tourists go there, was the most attractive reason. Both of us love wilderness. And Alaska is still pretty much untouched by commercialism that follows the tourism. So all in all, hoping to get some peace and quiet coupled with fun during the trip :)

That was my attempt at blogging after a long break. If you made it till the end of the post, pat yourself on your back!