23 December 2010

an easy list

In a desperate attempt to update my blog, I put forth a list of random things going on in my mind.

- I have absolutely no inclination to write a decent post. Not because I don't have anything to write about, but because I don't feel like. So hence, writing this arbit, non-decent post. ;)

- Christmas is in the air. I love this time of the year. Feels like Diwali time when I was in India. The lighting outside houses, Christmas carols, holiday drinks at Starbucks, the relaxed work atmosphere in office, the Boss calling in to say that we all can take off at noon on Thursday.. :) Enough to spread the cheer around, aint it?!

- In keeping up with the festive mood, I tried my hand at baking the traditional Christmas fruit cake. A combination of fruits, nuts and heavenly rum. It turned out great, much better than my last cake baking attempt, and was in fact even appreciated by my group mates, when I took it to work to share with them.

- Work at new place has not yet picked up pace, but I am happy to have nice group mates, with whom I can hang out and have lunch everyday.

- Did I mention, I love the bay area?! I mean, I am really in love with this place. I feels like a hill station. It is in fact surrounded by awesome mountains, which have different forms everyday depending on how the sun and clouds are. It feels great to be getting out of work and watching the clouds over the hills as I drive home. :)

- It is hard to believe that this year is ending. I mean, it feels like it just started!! So many things happened over the year. Got married, studied for interviews, left my beloved first job, started a new one, staying with the hubby, a new city, 2 major illnesses in the family, making new acquaintances, saying goodbye to old ones... Its been an eventful year. Though now that I think of, it all seems as if it went by so smoothly, and quickly.

- Even after moving to the bay area, and being surrounded by nature, I did not touch my camera the whole time. Or most of the time. Yesterday, while driving home from work, I really started missing my camera, and hence did an intense photo session of random things the moment I came home. It felt great!!

- Staying with the hubby has been all fun. The fact that I have to cook only 50% of what I was doing when I stayed alone, adds to the fun :). And eating hubby-cooked meals for the remaining 50% of the times, adds more fun the the fun. :)

- What is with the movie Eat, Pray, Love.??!! Its the most moronic, boring, pointless movie I have seen in a while. Rather, I have yet to finish it, because I dozed off yesterday while watching it. And now I feel bad because I blackmailed hubby into watching it with me, and the poor fellow had to endure the torture as well :D

- Lately, I have been feeling grateful for whatever I have in Life. I know it sounds all mature and wise, but maybe I am getting a little wise with time ;-). By that I mean, I have been saying silent prayer (to no one in particular) whenever I realise how lucky I am to have something I have. Even if I need/want a particular thing, the intensity of that want seems to have reduced. I feel as if I am more at peace with myself and my situation. I sincerely hope this state of mind is not temporary.

- Reading a very nice book on kindle over the past few days. Uncle Tom's Cabin. I got kindle on my birthday as a gift, and though initially I was apprehensive about leaving my books and switching to kindle, I have found that it has some pros as well. The dictionary feature is what I like the most about it. If I come across any difficult word, I can just scroll to it, and its meaning will get displayed at the bottom of the page. In case of books, you cant do this.. unless you carry a dictionary with your novel every time.

- Will try and post some cake pics if I don't scarf down the cake before I reach my camera :). Till then, happy holidays and Merry Christmas!! Ho Ho Ho!!