18 December 2008

I, Me, Myself

“Every form of happiness is private. Our greatest memories are personal, self-motivated, not to be touched. The things which are sacred or precious to us are the things we withdraw from promiscuous sharing.”

For no reason, i suddenly remembered this quote few days back. Its from Fountainhead.
There is such a fine line between happiness and enjoyment. And most often than not, we tend to mistake enjoyment for happiness.
I will enjoy when im yelling my throat out at the amusement park, but i will be happy when im alone, all by myself thinking about nothing.
I will enjoy when im dancing and yelling crazily in the rain with my friends, but just watching the rain pelt outside from my window will truly make me happy.
i will enjoy a movie in the movie hall, but i will be happy when i listen to Kishore da songs in the dark.
i will enjoy an animated conversation over a cup of coffee with friends, I will be happy contemplating on a lazy sunday morning.
I enjoyed the crowded, magnificent and huge sight of Niagara, but the deserted, placid and almost anonymous lake on our way back truly made me happy.
Proclaiming your love to the world is one thing but treasuring those moments and things which only the both of us know, i altogether different thing.
Long distance calls to friends and late night gtalk sessions are something i enjoy, But the thought of my friends when something reminds me of them makes me happy.
I enjoy coming to office everyday to hear the clatter and laughs of my group mates; but spending a quite weekend working in the deserted and heavily quite office is something i enjoy. (just to set the record straight, i DO NOT enjoy working weekends :| )
I am not saying these things 'make' me happy necessarily, its just that in these situations im with myself. On my own. And thats the reason why im more peaceful in these situations. That means, even if im alone, listening to Himesh bhai's songs, i will be happy. (only thoughts like the purpose of the perenially present cap on his head, and a few words cursing him might crop in my mind in the process).
Im not quite sure whether i have put forth the point correctly or not, but this is one quote i vehemently agree with.

03 December 2008

a video

I generally dont like to post political views and stuff on my blog, but then I couldnt resist posting this:

One of my friend forwarded it to me, and initially i thought it was some kind of a satirical piece. But then this was in all seriousness!!! God bless the human race!