13 March 2008

things that have thrilled me lately...

i was just thinking about the moments when i was extremely thrilled and content...

-> standing under the hot shower after a tiring day.
-> talking for hours into the night with old friends on gtalk.
-> a surprise birthday gift from a totally unexpected person.
-> the manager calling me into his office to praise the work i have done (when least expected)
-> good conversations with work people
-> cuddling up in the arms of a loved one
-> watching the entire Boston city sprawled up in front of you..a panoramic view from the tallest building in Boston.
-> for some reason, peeing in the rest room on the 52nd floor!
-> having an awesome time all day long, doing sightseeing and then coming back home tired, to your own cosy room, to sit in my cosy bean chair.
-> driving my new (old) car
-> that high when u reach a new place without getting lost, and without using a GPS:)

07 March 2008


Life is too important to be ever taken seriously...
time and again this belief of mine gets reinforced...it gets firm whenever i start worrying about petty things or petty people (yes you do meet such people...people who are just not worth your time)...and it also gets firm whenever im with the people i love, my friends, my family and completely awesome strangers i randomly happen to meet:)
Yes, life is 'only' about happiness...its 'only' living and letting others live...its 'only' about enjoying the maximum of things you do...i say maximum of things because i dont really think anyone enjoys doing 100% of the things one does...So yes, for me this is life, this is the way i live it...
but why am i blabbering about 'life' all of a sudden...a bit too heavy topic it is!!!
but yes, i feel its a good thing to sit back once in a while and remind yourself how you want to live your life.