14 April 2008

bombay bhel...

No complaints, i simply adored the bhel i had ordered the other day in an indian restaurant (a very popular one) here in boston, but it took me some time to actually notice that the green colored bits in the bhel were not raw-mango (kairi) pieces but pieces of green bell-pepper (capsicum)!!
The dish goes by the name of 'bombay bhel' on the menu in their list of cold appetizers. I was quite looking forward to eat bhel after God knows how much time, and was really pleased with the look of it. It looked just the way bhel should look like, tasted it pretty much the way it should taste, only until i discovered the strange ingredient!!
Thackeray-ji are you listening?!! Please do something to 'protect' the mumbai-cusine!! The 'marathi'-cuisine!

All said and done, had a hearty indian meal, with great company, great conversation and equally ethnic milieu!