18 December 2009

of half written posts

A compilation of some unfinished, half written posts is as follows:

Finished 2 states in (almost) one sitting through the night. Ah, feels like old times :)
As much as i hate to admit that my reading habits are so down the drain over the past 2-3 years, it is the truth. I miss those times in India...the COEP days, when i used to start readin a book at night and continue over the next day without sleeping, till i finished it. I would harldy care if i missed the lectures (they were useless anyways), and neither would the professors. It felt good yesterday, to be reading and actually finishing a book. These days im ever guilty of starting a book and never finishing it. I absolutely hate it that i have lost that habit of mine. But i guess this is what graduate education , a demanding (?) job and laziness (on my side) does to reading habits. Now about the book. Apart from One night at call center, I have read the remaining of Bhagat's books, and I do enjoy them immensely. I like the fact that the language is not too literature-ish, making it easy to identify with the way we talk among friends or family. Very few books do that with the writing stlye. Though all his books, I find too predictable, they still keep me glued to the very end. 2 states was predictable, but very entertaining, and yet imparting pearls of wisdom here and there. Statistics say that every other couple in India have to face problems from the families when it comes to chosing their mate. The important thing is to be strong in such situations and stand by each other, stand by your decision. Though me and S did not face any strong opposition from our families, I realised that if they had a problem, this could very well be our story. not North and south, but may be East and West, with the cultural differences as wide as they can be.

The never ending confusion, of whether to buy something or not. I have been eyeing a lens for my camera, ever since it was released sometime in May. Its this super lens which takes wide angle pictures. One of the latest additions in the Nikon lens family. Back in May, it was priced around 900 bucks. Which is almost as much as the camera costed me 2 years back :| .
I decided to play the wait and watch game, hoping it would get affordable by thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has come and gone, with my wallet a tad lighter (with some other shopping i did!! ...well im allowed right, im going to india.!!) and still no lens. Now, priced at 789 bucks, the confusion of whether to invest in it has grown synergically. Still very very pricey. And im not sure whether I will be able to exploit it to its full capacity. How will i get the value for my money? I dont make any money from the pics. So the only thing, is satisfaction of using it. In terms of handling, and an improved quality images. I have decided to give myself a few more days, with the hope of reducing the confusion and coming to a decision: To buy, or not to buy.

Many things happening otherwise too. I got a burden off my head. Initiated a couple of changes in my career (cant call it a career...but something along those lines ;)). More on this later when things become clearer. Hopefully, this change will be for the better! Changes. They say that they are good for you. Its true, they are necessary. But I do sometimes identify with what Amitabh bacchan said in that movie he did... "mujhe parivartan pasand nahi..." ... I feel like saying the same thing sometimes!! Only sometimes :)

Cant wait for the christmas vacation, and im off to CA! (yes, again) Howmuchever fun work at office has been, it will be a welcome break. I have been travelling to CA so frequently now, that my group mates have started pulling my leg over it!! So, do you know the route to CA yet?! The airlines will be thankful...you are responsible for half their revenue...and stuff like that.. hee hee

Thats it for now!! hoping to find motivation to write more often, and on better topics!