20 November 2008


Should i be bothered if i dont have any dreams in life?
I came across a quote by Walt Disney the other day:
All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
And then it suddenly struck me. Gosh!! I dont have any dreams in life. I mean yes, I always wanted to study further in a faraway land, be on my own for few years, enjoy life, travel, read, be knowledgable and all that....and that i did (or so i think). Then after that, I wanted a job that I would enjoy. That im doing. I love my work and i dont quite dread the everyday 9-5 routine. BUT....Its not my dream. Not my passion. Hell, i dont even think i have any passions. Come to think of it, i never really thought about all this seriously till few days back. I mean yes, I want to have fun in life, enjoy every single moment, love, get loved, and in general live a content life. This I am doing. I am happy. Content. But why is it that I dont want anything SO badly that i would want to leave anything and everything I have to pursue it?
Why is this thought bothering me so much?

On a completely different note, I am reading Shantaram (the novel by Gregory David Roberts) these days, and i am lovin it! There will be a post coming soon on that later i guess.

Till then

05 November 2008

BB wanted!

This is not exactly a post, but a cry for help!! :D
Well, actually i was searching for quite some days for the English translation of Byomkesh Bakshi. (Byomkesh Bakshi who?? Please go to Pluto!!) Can anyone point me to an e-book or similar?
The original volumes are written in Bengali (Yet another reason to learn the language :D), But i guess finding the english translation would take less time then me learning a new language. Youtube series on the same is quite good, but not very accurate. So please, mere pyaare desh vaasiyon, if you have some clues to this, leave in a comment.

04 November 2008

Just another post!

This post is just a random collection of half written thoughts. Thoughts i write randomly on my desk top when emotions and thoughts overflow. But then i am too lazy to open my blog to post them or most of the times i think they are really low graded pieces of badly written thoughts, full of gramatical mistakes !! But then who cares?! (Well I do :D) Till date, i have not exactly discovered the reason of my keeping this blog. Do i like to write? (well sometimes). But then if i do, i can write, like these posts i had written on my laptop or desk top. Why publish them? Do i want people to read them, appreciate them? Well, appreciating is kind of too high an expectation, But i guess it will be false to say the i dont care whether people read the blog or not. I dont write for people, blah blah!! coz then keeping the blog would lose its point! Anyways, enough of bakar!! Dont try to make any sense of the bits and pieces of what is to follow!! or please do, if you have nothing better to do!!

the best part of my job is that i dont have to wear formals to work. And the work itself :D
Well iv got nothing against wearing skirts and trousers and formal heeled black shoes, but then dont blame me if i slip and fall, and trip an old guy in the company in the process (i later find out that the old guy holds some influential post in the company and has power to fire anyone who trips him).
Actually our company (im the partner in the firm, if u didnt know)... I mean, the company that i slog for, has two floors, one where all the Firmware, Hardware and the ASIC designers work (including me) and one which houses all the HR people, administrative staff and the software engineers. What struck me most was the stark difference in the dress code on the 2 floors. Now, someone later told me the the company does not have a dress code for anyone. But as you go from the Lower floor of HRs and administration, where you will be swarmed by guys(rather uncles and grandfathers) in coats and ties and boots and the ladies in smart starched clothes and heels. Now, i always feel a little (rather a lot) out of place when i go downstairs. I feel more at home among people on my floor, who come to office in sweats, trackpants, shorts and a myraid of such casual rags. Here, i dont have to worry about those glances which say 'huh! you are still wearing your pajamas and tshirt' or 'time to do laundry!' . and the biggest relief is that i can wear my sneakers, and not those 6 inch high heels or those shoes which bite.

Today is election day, here in US. And im pretty much excited. Well i dont really care who wins, or may be i do care afterall! But im just eager to see the outcome of the elections coz i have been following them pretty closely, and have a few bets on with two of my office friends on the outcome of the elections, and also, World peace!! (remember Miss Congeniality?! :D)

I Recently finished reading "The Space Between US" by Thrity Umrigar. A very very nice read. Awesome way of writing.Kept me engaged and thinking during the entire course of of the read, and even after it. I wont go into the review of the book but would suggest anyone interested to definitely try this one out.
What i hated (yes, i say hated) about this book is that it left lose ends. I know that is one very effective way to let readers decide how to shape the characters from the point the book ends. Let the readers begin a new story from where the author ends it. But i hate this tactic of keeping the readers engaged even after the book is finished. Not only this book, but any book that leaves it upto us, to imagine what would happen to the character after "the End". In this book, it wasnt lose ends, per se, But i would have loved to see how the author shaped up Maya after 'The End'. It leaves the story on a very precarious mode...."Tomorrow, it held hope as well as threat"!! I does show one of the protagonist achieves peace in her mind and all, but then again, I would love some "after the-end facts" !!
Again, do read this if you get the chance.

Saw 3 movies this weekend. phew, feels so good to be back to movie watching spree. And it helps if you have company!!
-Interpreter: awesome awesome awesome
-Boys dont cry: Nice movie, but somehow i didnt quite like it. It requires an emotional depth to understand this movie, which i obviously dont have!!
-Wag the Dog: Now this is my kind of movie!! Split my sides laughing! Dustin Hoffman as usual rocked!