20 November 2008


Should i be bothered if i dont have any dreams in life?
I came across a quote by Walt Disney the other day:
All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
And then it suddenly struck me. Gosh!! I dont have any dreams in life. I mean yes, I always wanted to study further in a faraway land, be on my own for few years, enjoy life, travel, read, be knowledgable and all that....and that i did (or so i think). Then after that, I wanted a job that I would enjoy. That im doing. I love my work and i dont quite dread the everyday 9-5 routine. BUT....Its not my dream. Not my passion. Hell, i dont even think i have any passions. Come to think of it, i never really thought about all this seriously till few days back. I mean yes, I want to have fun in life, enjoy every single moment, love, get loved, and in general live a content life. This I am doing. I am happy. Content. But why is it that I dont want anything SO badly that i would want to leave anything and everything I have to pursue it?
Why is this thought bothering me so much?

On a completely different note, I am reading Shantaram (the novel by Gregory David Roberts) these days, and i am lovin it! There will be a post coming soon on that later i guess.

Till then


Bharat said...

aaah....makes me feel deja-vu...
absolutely !!!

Neha said...

phew, good to know im not alone!!

Bharat said...

heee...well we are certainly not alone!! now whats with the punching bagg...??