22 June 2009


Maybe, its just a passing pang of trepidation...Maybe, afterall life is not that difficult to figure out? Maybe, there is nothing to figure out...Maybe...

10 June 2009

Sun's journey northwards..

Just finished watching marathi movie Uttarayan. In one word, hats off!! and a big *applause* Its been many days since I had seen any good movie (hindi, english or marathi) and this movie definitely put an end to that dry spell.. Literally too...cried buckets during the movie.
You just need a few good actors, a good script and some good dialogues to make a movie. Really.

05 June 2009

this n that...

Its been so long since I have said TGIF! :( Fridays are generally the worst...with lots and lots of work to do, and a promise of having to work over the weekend too. grrrrr. Its also been so long that I have actually dreaded mondays. Seriously. For the past few months, there has been no difference in the week and the weekend! (except for my short getaway to the west coast).
Anywys, no more rants, coz seriously im not complaining ;) I am lucky to be loaded with work, and im having fun!

Few weekends back I saw Curious Case of Benjamin button. I liked the concept and the way they have put it up in the movie. But the movie was just too long for me to like it. I mean you can sit through a 3 hour long bollywood movie and not feel a thing, not feel the burden on yourself, but if english movies exceed the 2 hour threshold, I feel the need to go out in the open, refresh myself before I can continue!!

These days, engagement announcements and getting wedding invites in the mail has become an everyday thing. I dont know why I still get surprised when any of my batchmates and seniors announce that they are getting married. I always feel its just so soon, when I very well know its not! Im still to recover from the shock of one of my best friend's wedding, who got married 2 years back :| . I think she does read my blog and I also think she knows im talking about her! :P

I never wrote about my CA trip. But I hate to write travel-logs. One thing that I feel worth mentioning though is, I fell in love with San Jose. I was staying there at a friend's place, and could actually see Analog Devices from his room's window! No, no, I dont have any special affection for AD or for anyone working there, but just the fact that there are SO many countless companies in SJ, that it amazes me. It is rightly called the Silicon Valley.
It was also the very first time that I ate hummus! (Dont I write the most earth shattering and globally important things on my blog!?) I know, scoff at me if you like, but I never knew there was a thing called 'hummus' before. Maybe I should do something about my pathetic knowledge about food, and what goes into the making of it. But yes, I liked it, and bought a jar full of it the next time I went groceries here. I also read up about it, and its supposed to be pretty healthy! (as if i care ;))

I cant believe I haven't been a Coldplay fan till now. Thats probably because I was never "into" music as such till a few years back. And I used to scoff my friend A(who worships coldplay literally) saying that I dont like rock n pop music. How wrong was I!! Awesome songs, great lyrics and super music. Really hooked to coldplay, U2 and the Killers for the past year. Love them all.
There is one more thing I want to add in my to-do list...go to a concert. I have NEVER been to a concert before. seriously! My sister tries to drag me to these savai gandharva concerts she goes every time, but then, classical music is so soothing that I inevitably doze off, and hence I avoid going!

Evening walks have started becoming an everyday routine for me. And I dont intend to change it. They are really therapeutic especially during the weekdays. All the day's stress and the tired eyes from sitting in front of the computer are soothed the second I step out in the open... Cool breeze caressing my face, trees swaying to the breezy tunes and Shaan crooning bhool ja from my ipod in my ears...ahh! bliss! isnt it?!