10 June 2009

Sun's journey northwards..

Just finished watching marathi movie Uttarayan. In one word, hats off!! and a big *applause* Its been many days since I had seen any good movie (hindi, english or marathi) and this movie definitely put an end to that dry spell.. Literally too...cried buckets during the movie.
You just need a few good actors, a good script and some good dialogues to make a movie. Really.


Mansi said...

i've been wanting to watch this movie for a long long time...so your post comes as a reminder! :)

Reshma said...

First timer here- I loved the movie too, simple yet deep.

Neha said...

reshma: welcome! :D

Ketaki... said...

yeah.. its a beautiful movie.. it made me think, we never even consider elderly getting remarried, do we? We assume they will stay alone forever.
very nicely made..