31 January 2011


And, a year goes by!! One year, without us getting down at each others' throats, without me threatening to leave the house (yea, I am quite the drama queen at home), or without you threatening to throw me out of the house, we made it. :) . Though, technically we stayed together just a couple of months during this one year, it was all awesome-ness, I shall admit. And though I used to love my single life, and staying alone and all the erratic randomness of it all, I just cant imagine what I would do without you around me.
And because I am superstitious about putting too much of "us" out to the world, or maybe I don't have anything else to say, I shall just say one thing..
Cheers! to 'us'. May the 'us' element never die :)

24 January 2011

Dhobi Ghat-review (contains no spoilers ;))

Even if I wanted, I cannot give spoilers for this movie. Because, there is no story, no twists and turns, no secrets and no particular point the director tries to make. And this is what I loved about the movie.
Yes, I absolutely enjoyed watching the movie, irrespective of my high expectations that accompanied me and a bunch of my friends to the movie theater. It did not let me down.

The movie is almost a documentary, which documents a particular time in the lives of 4 people. The stories of each of the 4 people are incomplete, with no definitive "end", because that's what life is, I feel. There are no 'stories', no 'starts' and no 'ends'. And that's how the movie feels like. Just a peep into their lives. Though Initially I felt the end was abrupt, I later thought about it, and felt it was the best was to end the movie. to leave some lose strings. unanswered questions. It felt real.

The movie is almost like a photo album. With some narrative, some background music (which is minimal, and goes perfectly well with the subdued tone of the movie) and the characters weaving in and out of the photo album. It is more of a collage of emotions, characters, photos, narration, and a very interesting and likable collage.

The cinematographer who has taken the still photographs in the movie is just stupendous. It is mostly portrait photography, shooting people at work. Such awesome captures! Looking at those photos almost made me think about changing my profession to photography. Ah well, I am back to work today :|.

The things I loved the most about the movie is that it is very un-assuming. Very laid back.. in the sense, it does not seem to hurry in any particular direction. It does not try and give any particular opinion (like most of the movies do today) and most important of all, it is not loud. It does not have any 'over the top' portrayal of anything. Not only in terms of audio, but everything. Right from the theme, the characters, the dialogues, the camera work, the music... it seems very subtle, gentle and soft. Which is so much missing in the bollywood movies of today.

My favorite characters: those of Munna and Yasmin.

19 January 2011

A rant on the Globes..

Now, I don't follow the awards (either Hollywood or Bollywood) at all, and only go through the list of winners/nominations to catch up on good movies I might have missed during the year. And this post is because I read in the news about the Golden globe winners, and I am shocked to say the least. Inception didnt bag any of the major Globes. :( . I am super sad, and angry and feel it is a completely bad choice! (if only, they would listen to me!!). I mean c'mon.. Social Network was good, but in no way does it beats Inception! I mean, for me, Inception and Nolan are the epitome of what intelligent movie making is all about. And After watching Inception I was so sure that this movie was going to walk away with most of the major awards this year. Even after Social Network, I thought Inception was way ahead in the award race. But unfortunately, I am not one of the judges. So cant really do much but crib about it here, and continue undaunted support to all of Nolan's movies. (and maybe reduce facebooking, as a revenge) . Not a direct connection , but still..I am very angry right now to make much sense! ;)

On the other hand, Colin Firth absolutely deserved the 'best actor' for his stupendous portrayal as a stuttering would-be king, in 'The King's Speech'. That is one outstanding movie, and Firth's inner struggle to get the words out and overcome his stutter is so real and simply mindblowing. An award well deserved. I did have a tough time concentrating on the movie, and not just sit and drool over Firth! I mean, he is positively an eye candy in that movie. Well, any movie!! My Mr. Darcy!! sigh ...

I did think Natalie Portman was awesome in 'Black Swan'.. Quite a complex portrayal as the protagonist. But then I have not seen any other movie in the 'best actress' category, so cant really say if it was just or not.

18 January 2011

My weekend trivia

Because I was whining to the hubby that he doesn't take me out anywhere, and has kept me under house imprisonment ever since I shifted to the bay area, he relented and took me to SF over the weekend. Yes, yes I have a car and know driving, and love to go out and roam around on my own (or with friends), but as I tell hubby, I am his "nayi naveli dulhan" who doesn't know anyone in this "anjana shaher" (just for the record, I have loads of friends here, but I like being a drama queen), it is his responsibility to take me out and show me exciting places!! Man, I am amazed he claims to be happy staying with me! :D
Anyways, so Saturday saw us hike and huff and puff our way up hills, surrounded by old redwood trees of Muir woods. I had never been there before and was excited, to say the least. Forests and mountains awaken the child in me. And, they thrill me. The hike was very nice, and a pat on my back because I completed it (given my fitness level ;)).

Fate later awarded me by treating me to the *best* Thai food I have ever had. (I generally don't like Thai cuisine because most of the dishes have ground nuts and coconut in them...not my coveted food items). No exaggerations here, but it was the best Pad Thai noodles I have had up until now. The place is 'Sai Jai', located in the Thai town of San Francisco. We had never been there, and this was the first place we saw after coming out of the public parking garage. And one of the few places open for us for our 4 pm lunch. As ravished I was after the long hike, I thought it was the hunger that made me like the food. But no, after eating half the plate of Pad Thai, my tummy was full, and I could still not stop hogging on the noodles. I should mention that the plate was clean to the last bit of ground nut piece there was in the pad Thai, and I gave a satisfied, tasty sigh! We checked later and this restaurant has a good rating, with no-nonsense, no-frills-attached simple and delicious Thai food. Do try out, if you stay in the SF neighborhood.

We later roamed, or rather hiked, on the SF streets. Stopping by to take photos and to catch our breaths. What is with the steep roads in SF?! But the walk proved to be a great idea to aid digesting the humongous amount of food I had stuffed in. And soon after, I was ready for my customary mug of Ghirardelli hot chocolate at the Girardelli chocolate factory. It was quite late into the night, and with chilly winds making the rounds, the hot chocolate with a huge dollop of whipped cream was just the thing required to end my day. Now, people who know me I am a chocoholic, and even with so many awesome choco desserts, ice creams, sundaes they serve at Ghirardelli, I can totally by pass them for the hot chocolate. Take a look at this scrumptious chocolate delight! Who would not want it?!

Title: All that is good and pure!!!

13 January 2011

NOKJ- attempt at review

Watched 'No one killed Jessica' Over the weekend. Some thoughts after seeing the movie:
- I liked the movie. Definitely a good effort.
- I liked Rani's role and her acting in that role. She did come across as a carefree, career oriented journalist with some sense of whats right and whats wrong.
- I am still not sure about Vidya's portrayal of Sabrina Lall. It was subdued, and very common-man-ish (woman-ish), the way it was supposed to be, I guess. But in some of the scenes the emotions she portrayed failed to reach me, for some reason. But there were quite a few genuine scenes where I was weeping profusely.
- Absolutely loved the portrayal of the police inspector (by rajesh sharma, is it?). He portrays as a bribe taking inspector, who provides help to the case, in every way possible way. He knows he has got to take the bribe (or else lose his bread and butter), but he really wants justice for the victim. His internal struggle when justice is denied is shown nicely, I feel.
- The line by the key witness (who portrays shayan munshi) 'Mujhe paise nahi chahiye, but mujhe ek goli bhi nahi khani' is rocking. It really got me thinking and we were discussing about it for a long time after watching the movie. Imagining myself in his shoes, what would I have done? It was not a question of 1 crore that was being offered, but it was a question of life or death. What would you do, in similar situation?
- This case, and several others, where witnesses turn hostile, shows that we ought to give high security to the witnesses. Especially, where wealthy and influential parties are involved. But then, is it asking for the impossible, considering that the people who provide security (or the policemen) can be (and are) influenced by these influential people?!
- In the movie, where they have shown public uproar after the acquittal of the accused, one person says something like 'we people go to the police and the law to get justice, but if even in these places there is corruption, where would we go?', made me realise the hopelessness of the whole situation. Because this case re-opened, and because this was such a "high-profile" (for the lack of better word) case, it saw justice (after years). But there are countless such cases which probably dont even see the light of day.
- The movie raises many questions (which we probably know), that make us think and re-think.
- Most of the reviews I read before, rave about the music.. But I absolutely hated it. It just didnt keep up with the mood of the film. The 'Dilli' track is good (and goes well with the description od Delhi), but otherwise the background tracks were just mood killers.
- I am terrible at writing reviews! :)

03 January 2011


Pic: added later.. One of my home bokeh experiments :D

First of all, a happy new year to all of you.

I rang in the new year with a blast..by falling ill :|.
But anyways, I was not planning on partying and braving the cold weather to go out to bars and pubs and drinking myself silly. So started the new year with some friends, having dinner together and then cosying up with hubby and happily falling asleep. Spent the next morning on facebook for sometime (precisely 20 mins :)).. going through some of the photos people had put of new year partying. That reminds me of a recent thought I have had. Of deleting my facebook account. Going completely off the network. I have a love-hate relationships with these social networking websites. While, its a great medium to share some useful and entertaining videos, links etc. The stupidity of it all nauseates me. Few days back 'someone' posted a status update "ill". Thats it. I mean, whats the point, right? If you are ill, you rest. And not open facebook and strain your eyes further. To top it, couple of people had liked the status. Forget other people, someof my own status updates have nauseated me beyond imagination, and hence, its been a while I have not posted any update on fb. I mean, no one cares, right? And for the people who actually care, or I want them to know, there are better means. Hence facebook-ing has drastically decreased to about a couple of time a week, for about 15-20 minutes... thats about it. And I plan to reduce it further till the point I can muster enough courage to actually go off it. Anyways, I digress. As I was saying, people had put some real funky, weird and wild photos of new year parties. dressed up, drunk and happy (perhaps). Looking at all these party photos made me feel old. I was never the 'party person', and dread crowds even today...but just going through these pics in my old granny pajamas, socks, a woolen cap (kaan-topi, for those who get marathi), a cough and wheeze for company and aching body and specs sliding down my nose (ah well, scratch out the specs.. don't have pair. yet) made me feel really...old. Or maybe it was the cold and fever getting to my head, because as of today, I am back to my non-old state. And as they say, getting old is just a state of mind. (Has anyone said that before?). It has got nothing to do with the fact that I have quite a few white strands of hair, and that I pant when I climb more than 3 flights of stairs (and take the elevator when no one is watching..Taking the elevator is frowned upon here), and that I make statements like 'you kids' to my sister who is mere 3 years younger to me. It means that I need to go to the gym and take care of my hair than it means I am getting old. humph. I am sure.

And, as far as the new year is concerned, I do plan to consciously do a few things this year. I wont call them 'resolutions' per se (just for the sake of not jinxing them).
1) I plan to work hard.. at whatever I do. Thats about it. This one thing should keep me quite busy, no?

well now, will sign off and start working (hard). :)