18 January 2011

My weekend trivia

Because I was whining to the hubby that he doesn't take me out anywhere, and has kept me under house imprisonment ever since I shifted to the bay area, he relented and took me to SF over the weekend. Yes, yes I have a car and know driving, and love to go out and roam around on my own (or with friends), but as I tell hubby, I am his "nayi naveli dulhan" who doesn't know anyone in this "anjana shaher" (just for the record, I have loads of friends here, but I like being a drama queen), it is his responsibility to take me out and show me exciting places!! Man, I am amazed he claims to be happy staying with me! :D
Anyways, so Saturday saw us hike and huff and puff our way up hills, surrounded by old redwood trees of Muir woods. I had never been there before and was excited, to say the least. Forests and mountains awaken the child in me. And, they thrill me. The hike was very nice, and a pat on my back because I completed it (given my fitness level ;)).

Fate later awarded me by treating me to the *best* Thai food I have ever had. (I generally don't like Thai cuisine because most of the dishes have ground nuts and coconut in them...not my coveted food items). No exaggerations here, but it was the best Pad Thai noodles I have had up until now. The place is 'Sai Jai', located in the Thai town of San Francisco. We had never been there, and this was the first place we saw after coming out of the public parking garage. And one of the few places open for us for our 4 pm lunch. As ravished I was after the long hike, I thought it was the hunger that made me like the food. But no, after eating half the plate of Pad Thai, my tummy was full, and I could still not stop hogging on the noodles. I should mention that the plate was clean to the last bit of ground nut piece there was in the pad Thai, and I gave a satisfied, tasty sigh! We checked later and this restaurant has a good rating, with no-nonsense, no-frills-attached simple and delicious Thai food. Do try out, if you stay in the SF neighborhood.

We later roamed, or rather hiked, on the SF streets. Stopping by to take photos and to catch our breaths. What is with the steep roads in SF?! But the walk proved to be a great idea to aid digesting the humongous amount of food I had stuffed in. And soon after, I was ready for my customary mug of Ghirardelli hot chocolate at the Girardelli chocolate factory. It was quite late into the night, and with chilly winds making the rounds, the hot chocolate with a huge dollop of whipped cream was just the thing required to end my day. Now, people who know me I am a chocoholic, and even with so many awesome choco desserts, ice creams, sundaes they serve at Ghirardelli, I can totally by pass them for the hot chocolate. Take a look at this scrumptious chocolate delight! Who would not want it?!

Title: All that is good and pure!!!


nightflier said...

I had similar feelings about Thai food until I had it in a Dallas joint which was totally spiced up to my Indian tastes in spite of the coconut and groundnut base :D
That choco thing looks yummm! I am hungry already :P

tanvii.com said...

I love Thai food. As a vegetarian I get a lot of variety there and since I cant live without spicy food ... Its like match made in heaven! :)

Nepo said...

@nf: yea, the choco thingy is just awesome!!
@tanvii: good you like thai food..there is indeed lot of veggie stuff. Even I am a vegeterian, but unfortunately I cant stand coconut and groundnuts in my food :(
Of course, there are exceptions as these :)

Ketaki... said...

I am OK with Thai food.. Though Tom-Yum soup is my all time favorite and they make it really spicy where we go.. I am not as much fan of Panang or Pad Thai as Aakash is.
The hot chocolate looks good, though didn't appeal to me as much right now, chocolate is one of my pregnancy aversions.. :( I KNOW!!!

Nepo said...

yea, I love Tom yum soup as well!!
And Choco as one of your aversions!! My sympathies :P
Take care of your health and do post some of your experiences of this new journey into mommy-hood :) I am sure you must be so excited :))