03 January 2011


Pic: added later.. One of my home bokeh experiments :D

First of all, a happy new year to all of you.

I rang in the new year with a blast..by falling ill :|.
But anyways, I was not planning on partying and braving the cold weather to go out to bars and pubs and drinking myself silly. So started the new year with some friends, having dinner together and then cosying up with hubby and happily falling asleep. Spent the next morning on facebook for sometime (precisely 20 mins :)).. going through some of the photos people had put of new year partying. That reminds me of a recent thought I have had. Of deleting my facebook account. Going completely off the network. I have a love-hate relationships with these social networking websites. While, its a great medium to share some useful and entertaining videos, links etc. The stupidity of it all nauseates me. Few days back 'someone' posted a status update "ill". Thats it. I mean, whats the point, right? If you are ill, you rest. And not open facebook and strain your eyes further. To top it, couple of people had liked the status. Forget other people, someof my own status updates have nauseated me beyond imagination, and hence, its been a while I have not posted any update on fb. I mean, no one cares, right? And for the people who actually care, or I want them to know, there are better means. Hence facebook-ing has drastically decreased to about a couple of time a week, for about 15-20 minutes... thats about it. And I plan to reduce it further till the point I can muster enough courage to actually go off it. Anyways, I digress. As I was saying, people had put some real funky, weird and wild photos of new year parties. dressed up, drunk and happy (perhaps). Looking at all these party photos made me feel old. I was never the 'party person', and dread crowds even today...but just going through these pics in my old granny pajamas, socks, a woolen cap (kaan-topi, for those who get marathi), a cough and wheeze for company and aching body and specs sliding down my nose (ah well, scratch out the specs.. don't have pair. yet) made me feel really...old. Or maybe it was the cold and fever getting to my head, because as of today, I am back to my non-old state. And as they say, getting old is just a state of mind. (Has anyone said that before?). It has got nothing to do with the fact that I have quite a few white strands of hair, and that I pant when I climb more than 3 flights of stairs (and take the elevator when no one is watching..Taking the elevator is frowned upon here), and that I make statements like 'you kids' to my sister who is mere 3 years younger to me. It means that I need to go to the gym and take care of my hair than it means I am getting old. humph. I am sure.

And, as far as the new year is concerned, I do plan to consciously do a few things this year. I wont call them 'resolutions' per se (just for the sake of not jinxing them).
1) I plan to work hard.. at whatever I do. Thats about it. This one thing should keep me quite busy, no?

well now, will sign off and start working (hard). :)


Preeti said...

Arrived here from Piyu's blog. Been a while since I came across good blogs to add on my Reader. And you, are a pleasant addition! :D
Happy new year! Get well soon!
And well, if it's any solace, I hate Social networking so much, that I am one of those rare souls who never opened a Facebook account. Yes, my species exists too! :D

nightflier said...

:D :D
That adage is old..I use it too sometimes to remind myself that the mind needs to stay young and active! especially after calling people younger than me kids :-/
And please dont go off facebook, where will I get to see your amazing photography ? I agree sometimes it gets to your head, but as of now we don't have many options..so do consider my plea :D
And lastly happy new year to you too!!

Optimus said...

Each moment in a day has its own value.
Morning brings HOPE,
Afternoon brings FAITH,
Evening brings LOVE,
Night brings REST,
Hope you will have all of them everyday.

A fan of your blog :)

Nepo said...

@Preeti: Welcome!! :) Good, you are not into facebooking..it can get addictive ;D
@nightflier: Oh is it?? Then I will stop basking in the glory of inventing something wise :D. Yea, going off facebook will be easier said than done, and maybe as of now, il forget about going off it :D
Sam: thanks, and have a good year ahead :)

Ketaki... said...

Oi hi.. SO hows California so far.. haven't written mucha bout our sunny state.. :)

I have already accepted that I have grown old.. I don't even mind kids calling me aunty anymore.. :(

About Facebook, I have the same complaint but that's the only place where I get updated status messages so I know who's got married lately.. :P

Nepo said...

Cali is great!! I totally love it.. we should meet up the next time you come north! :)

Ketaki... said...

Sure.. Its a deal

Mansi said...

:) interesting post!!
do let me know if you managed to keep out your blog from google search listing...i'm still trying to figure that out..

arbitthoughts said...

The bokeh is awesome!!! Please teach me how to get such pretty bokeh in a pic :)