24 January 2011

Dhobi Ghat-review (contains no spoilers ;))

Even if I wanted, I cannot give spoilers for this movie. Because, there is no story, no twists and turns, no secrets and no particular point the director tries to make. And this is what I loved about the movie.
Yes, I absolutely enjoyed watching the movie, irrespective of my high expectations that accompanied me and a bunch of my friends to the movie theater. It did not let me down.

The movie is almost a documentary, which documents a particular time in the lives of 4 people. The stories of each of the 4 people are incomplete, with no definitive "end", because that's what life is, I feel. There are no 'stories', no 'starts' and no 'ends'. And that's how the movie feels like. Just a peep into their lives. Though Initially I felt the end was abrupt, I later thought about it, and felt it was the best was to end the movie. to leave some lose strings. unanswered questions. It felt real.

The movie is almost like a photo album. With some narrative, some background music (which is minimal, and goes perfectly well with the subdued tone of the movie) and the characters weaving in and out of the photo album. It is more of a collage of emotions, characters, photos, narration, and a very interesting and likable collage.

The cinematographer who has taken the still photographs in the movie is just stupendous. It is mostly portrait photography, shooting people at work. Such awesome captures! Looking at those photos almost made me think about changing my profession to photography. Ah well, I am back to work today :|.

The things I loved the most about the movie is that it is very un-assuming. Very laid back.. in the sense, it does not seem to hurry in any particular direction. It does not try and give any particular opinion (like most of the movies do today) and most important of all, it is not loud. It does not have any 'over the top' portrayal of anything. Not only in terms of audio, but everything. Right from the theme, the characters, the dialogues, the camera work, the music... it seems very subtle, gentle and soft. Which is so much missing in the bollywood movies of today.

My favorite characters: those of Munna and Yasmin.


nightflier said...

After reading your review, I feel like watching it :)

Nepo said...

Its definitely worth a watch.. But its not the typical bollywood movie..thats why so many people are not liking it!

pRasad said...

My friend said it's the worst movie and to avoid torture he had to come out of the theater.

But after reading your review, I feel like giving a try :)

Vikas Chandra said...

Totally agree with the review..

One of very few movies who slowly get on u..It depicts the struggle the city goes thru.

I am glad u liked it, because people I recommended have disappointed me..

Nepo said...

@prasad: It is far from worst movie. But then you need to go with a open mind to watch it. And be ready to accept that movie making is not only about making caricatures, shouting-from-the-rooftops-characters and loud scenes! :)
@vikas: Agree! I recommended the movie to some people and they didnt like it! :(

Upasna said...

i loved the photographs as well! though I met a girl who hated it vehemently as well... :)

nightflier said...

Loved it!
It was so vivid and evocative! like a painters palette. Choose whatever color you want and experience it :)
And the way it ended, left me wanting for more. That is a win for any movie I think.
I pardon all of Aamir Kahn's sins for marrying such a smart/intelligent lady :D

Nepo said...

yay!! I am so glad you liked it :) .. though I had a feeling you would like it :D