19 January 2011

A rant on the Globes..

Now, I don't follow the awards (either Hollywood or Bollywood) at all, and only go through the list of winners/nominations to catch up on good movies I might have missed during the year. And this post is because I read in the news about the Golden globe winners, and I am shocked to say the least. Inception didnt bag any of the major Globes. :( . I am super sad, and angry and feel it is a completely bad choice! (if only, they would listen to me!!). I mean c'mon.. Social Network was good, but in no way does it beats Inception! I mean, for me, Inception and Nolan are the epitome of what intelligent movie making is all about. And After watching Inception I was so sure that this movie was going to walk away with most of the major awards this year. Even after Social Network, I thought Inception was way ahead in the award race. But unfortunately, I am not one of the judges. So cant really do much but crib about it here, and continue undaunted support to all of Nolan's movies. (and maybe reduce facebooking, as a revenge) . Not a direct connection , but still..I am very angry right now to make much sense! ;)

On the other hand, Colin Firth absolutely deserved the 'best actor' for his stupendous portrayal as a stuttering would-be king, in 'The King's Speech'. That is one outstanding movie, and Firth's inner struggle to get the words out and overcome his stutter is so real and simply mindblowing. An award well deserved. I did have a tough time concentrating on the movie, and not just sit and drool over Firth! I mean, he is positively an eye candy in that movie. Well, any movie!! My Mr. Darcy!! sigh ...

I did think Natalie Portman was awesome in 'Black Swan'.. Quite a complex portrayal as the protagonist. But then I have not seen any other movie in the 'best actress' category, so cant really say if it was just or not.


nightflier said...

I read somewhere that the only crime mr. Nolan commit to not win an Oscar is release his movie the same year as mr. Fincher and whatshisname ( black swan guy). :D
As much I like Nolan's intelligent movies I am a sucker for drama genre as well so win-win I guess ;)

Ketaki... said...

I wasn't particularly rooting for anyone so it didn't matter to me that inception didn't win. Though Aakash was super happy because Colombia pictures/Sony won.
I was happy about Natalie Portman though, she is my favorite American actress.
Also, it has always been a trend in academy/globes to give away honors to smaller movies. There was no reason the hurt locker should have won last year.

I HAVE to watch the Kings speech. I have read so much about it. And I have a thing for British period dramas.

Nepo said...

@nf: I like dramas too...but still, Social network??!!! ;)
@ketaki: yes, you HAVE to watch the King's speech. I love British period dramas too !!

nightflier said...

oh and by that Oscar I meant a globe. You know what I mean, right ? ;)