27 March 2009


  • I am lazier than i though i was. i am postponing filling tax forms and repairing my car and getting the state inspection done for over 3 months now. (yes, that state inspection expired ages ago.)
  • I have turned into a Friday night No Life person!!
  • Work satisfaction does exist. I realised this about a year back, when i was few months old in my job. And I realise it every now and then. Re-realisation. No, my boss does not read my blog ;)
  • I get easily addicted. recent addictions: coffee, working on weekends (and weekdays too ;)), watching atleast a few friends episodes everyday, chocolates (re-addiction), italian food and being a couch potato.
  • Its not difficult to find time for something, if you really want to. "vel kadhava lagto!"
  • For me, my first impressions of people are very rarely the last impressions.

On a completely different note, my mom gifted me the Photoshop package on my birthday, and im having a ball with it. Its awesome fun editing photos, correcting them, playing with them. And Photoshop is, infact a very neat software to do it.

09 March 2009

Just another day?

So, I turned 25 today. Hit a quarter century in Life!! For some reason, i was feeling wierd today. A sense that its been 25 long years. Thats a LOT of time spent, since i opened my eyes to the world, and the world to me. It kind of changes the way one looks at things, dont you think? What is scary is , in such a long span of time, i have done very less things im proud of. The only respite is that i have not troubled anyone intentionally, and hopefully not given pain to anyone un intentionally. Come to think of it, my family is pretty proud of the way i have grown up to be. I have been a good friend (hopefully) and have got pretty tight friendships scattered around. Hell, even 'I' am just 'quite' ok with the life i have at the moment. BUT, I am not particulary proud of all these things. I dont know why. Its probably because everyone does the same things in life. Millions of people around the globe have good education from so called reputable institutes, have a job they really enjoy doing, get payed so that they can buy all the things that can be bought to make them supposedly "happy". Its the same story everywhere. I am doing my duties, paying taxes, voting intelligently (whenever i can) and in general, minding my own ordinary life. Living, and letting live, is possibly the best thing one can "atleast" do! I dont want to do anything very different. I dont yearn to stand apart from the crowd. In fact, im better off being camoflaged in the crowd. But I really want to do something which i can think of years later and say, "yes, that was one moment i was really happy that i came into this world. I made a difference, albeit a minuscle one".
In the next 5 years, i want to definitely do some things. Whether they are feasible or not, thats not my concern, but i want to do them. Most of them are selfish, full of indulgence. But then, arent all acts selfish?

my 5 year plan:

1) Sponser a child's education. I dont want to sound like a "social worker". But the intention is not social work. I want to do this for my own selfish reason. So that "I" can feel better. This is something i really really wanted to do sometime in life, even before i had started earning.
I believe education does great things. Not necessarily, but then most often than not! And It really sucks when you really want to do something and you dont have the means to do that. I guess I will probably respect myself more if i ever get to do this. If not in next five years, then atleast sometime.

2) Get married. Yes, I know, it will be like destroying someone's life, but then, this is the sadistic streak of me, you can say. Im not a very strong believer in the institution of marriage, but i just want to get that one thing out of the way!

3) See Europe. Not the hot spots like paris n all, but those quaint little hidden towns scattered all across europe.

4) Run a marathon. or atleast the half marathon. Now this is almost impossible, coz im not a very good runner, but probably thats the main reason i want to do it. (and yes, I am working towards this goal :D)

5) Become a pretty good photographer. Seriously. I probably have a long long way to go, but i guess in 5 years it is quite managable! Eventually, I would love to become a professional level one, but then it is said it takes 20-25 years to reach the place where the best photographers are.
erm...check out my photostream at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/56277327@N00/
aah! how i love to brag !

6) Learn pottery. I love pots, of all kinds. I was in love with them ever since i remember. And i am superbly fascinated by the potters' wheel. How something so basic and crude make something SO beautiful! It amazes me. Another thing I always wanted to do but never found the opportunity, time (and any other excuse) to learn it.

If my blog has survived the next 5 years, Il probably be able to see how much I actually accomplished. I hope I am able to tick off atleast one of these things. Seriously.
As an afterthought, I also hope the quarter life crisis doesnt strick me. :|