27 March 2009


  • I am lazier than i though i was. i am postponing filling tax forms and repairing my car and getting the state inspection done for over 3 months now. (yes, that state inspection expired ages ago.)
  • I have turned into a Friday night No Life person!!
  • Work satisfaction does exist. I realised this about a year back, when i was few months old in my job. And I realise it every now and then. Re-realisation. No, my boss does not read my blog ;)
  • I get easily addicted. recent addictions: coffee, working on weekends (and weekdays too ;)), watching atleast a few friends episodes everyday, chocolates (re-addiction), italian food and being a couch potato.
  • Its not difficult to find time for something, if you really want to. "vel kadhava lagto!"
  • For me, my first impressions of people are very rarely the last impressions.

On a completely different note, my mom gifted me the Photoshop package on my birthday, and im having a ball with it. Its awesome fun editing photos, correcting them, playing with them. And Photoshop is, infact a very neat software to do it.


Asa said...

Kharach vel Kadhava Lagato..
Khup goshtinsathi..Nice Blog..

nightflier said...

same pinch for tax forms :(, addictions (greg house ;)) and impressions (my teachers :D)..

Ketaki... said...

You reminded me of tax forms.. thank you..
Regarding work satisfaction, I have always believed a Job is as good as it pays, so I guess someone is getting rich these days.. :)

Neha said...

@ketki..getting richer.haha..i wish! :P