30 June 2008

title?...cant think of one..

I love sleeping....
i do feel a pang of guilt when i see, hear people claiming there are more important things to do in life other than sleeping....important things to be accomplished, deadlines to be met, things that need to be taken care of, aims to be fulfilled....why waste time in sleeping?!!
well, for me, sleep is more than a necessity... i mean, i dont need to sleep, i love to sleep. The feeling when you hit the sack after a hard, gruelling day at work...well, that feeling is just awesome! i can, and do sleep for almost 14-15 hours at a stretch (though this is rapidly turning into an impossible dream these days..) sleep for like hours together, wake up, yawn endlessly, cuddle lazily in my super-cozy comforter, and then drift back to a sound sleep again...well this is my ideal way to spend my weekend (atleast one day of my weekend!!).
i guess i can be happy in life by just sleeping, watching movies, eating and travelling..... and i sometimes feel i really just want to do only this....why to work? why to slog over an interface that is refusing to give me the results i want...but then, it kind of scares me that i have such aims in life...that im not as ambitious as people around me.

I do enjoy my work, love doing what im doing...but...