26 September 2010

its just an idea!

Have you ever had that feeling, when you get a brainwave, an idea, a solution to a hard problem, and that feeling kind of grows synergically inside you? I love it when that happens to me. Once an idea is planted in the mind, it is awesome how it grows. (does it remind you of inception?)
The husband and I were discussing something over the phone the other day, and what started out as a fun discussion, soon turned out to be the start of an 'idea'. We realised that 'this' can be done, and one thing led to another and the idea soon turned into and orgy of discussion which which both of us could not stop talking about. That feeling of ecstasy (is it the right word for this?) is something to be felt and i cannot quite describe. Something a small child would feel, when it sees a toy and squeals and runs towards it. Or something Kalmadi would feel when he signs a contract for yet another batch of imported toilet paper. It is more than just joy, this feeling. Whether that idea take shape of any actions, and whether it gets utilised or not, is another thing, but the very fact that you have got this idea is exhilarating.

22 September 2010


Triggered by this post by yamini, i knew i had to write about it. My love for starbucks. Probably the ONLY thing I will miss when the time comes for me to leave US. I mean, I am absolutely in love with that place and with their coffee. And no, I don't go there daily. It is so special to me, that i only go to starbucks as a treat, or on special occasion.
- I love love love (does it put extra emphasis if I type it thrice?) their coffee. By coffee I mean, the filtered coffee mixed with milk and sugar. The very basic one. I'm not too fond of the fancy frap-something-cchinos.
Me, being a coffee person have tried coffee drinks of many different places here and in India. Be it dunkin donuts, seattles best, peets, panera, CCD, barista or the very-in-the-neighborhood 'durga'. But somehow, no one gets my coffee perfected as starbucks. For my taste, the roast, texture and taste which they serve is just right-on-the-spot-perfect!

-The other thing i like is the atmosphere. I can sit for hours in a starbucks (have not tried sitting for hours, but im sure i would enjoy it). The coffee, the jazz music (that's what they gen play) and the comfortable soft and cozy chairs make a killer combination.

-S and I have had some very fond memories of this place. We have talked, discussed and enjoyed each others company in this place (still do). One of the things i look forward to when i go to CA is going to starbucks with husband. Simple pleasures of life :)
Man, am i going to miss this place when i go back to India..