22 September 2010


Triggered by this post by yamini, i knew i had to write about it. My love for starbucks. Probably the ONLY thing I will miss when the time comes for me to leave US. I mean, I am absolutely in love with that place and with their coffee. And no, I don't go there daily. It is so special to me, that i only go to starbucks as a treat, or on special occasion.
- I love love love (does it put extra emphasis if I type it thrice?) their coffee. By coffee I mean, the filtered coffee mixed with milk and sugar. The very basic one. I'm not too fond of the fancy frap-something-cchinos.
Me, being a coffee person have tried coffee drinks of many different places here and in India. Be it dunkin donuts, seattles best, peets, panera, CCD, barista or the very-in-the-neighborhood 'durga'. But somehow, no one gets my coffee perfected as starbucks. For my taste, the roast, texture and taste which they serve is just right-on-the-spot-perfect!

-The other thing i like is the atmosphere. I can sit for hours in a starbucks (have not tried sitting for hours, but im sure i would enjoy it). The coffee, the jazz music (that's what they gen play) and the comfortable soft and cozy chairs make a killer combination.

-S and I have had some very fond memories of this place. We have talked, discussed and enjoyed each others company in this place (still do). One of the things i look forward to when i go to CA is going to starbucks with husband. Simple pleasures of life :)
Man, am i going to miss this place when i go back to India..


Rajeev said...

Well I used to think the same.
You do get awesome coffee here as well.Believe me I will take you to those places :)

Calvin said...

Star bucks is way nicer than CCDs and Barista. And its not just the coffee, but the whole look and feel of the place. I like Pacific Coffee as well (not sure if you have them in US)...

Neha said...

@rajeev: im game for coffee tasting! :)
@calvin: not sure if i have seen pacific coffee here.. will check it out!

nightflier said...

Well I quite agree with you..Indian coffee tastes way different than the american version :-/