22 December 2007


I sometimes feel im still ‘mind-locked’ in the last year…my “MS-year” if I can say that….i get these sudden nostalgic attacks these days, periods when I miss my RPI friends and troy in particular like anything….and then during these bursts il randomly call/ping my friends(not that I don’t keep in touch with them otherwise..!!)…
This blog is an outcome of one of such nostalgic attacks…..i often feel one year is such a short span of time for someone to make a difference to your life…to make a place in your heart….but now I feel this is so not true!!...in my own small way I want to tell all my friends at RPI that I love them loads!!!
It seems just yesterday when I had first stepped in troy…me, along with Arpita and Mallika…we, like the three musketeers, used to roam around looking for accommodation….i still remember how we had lost our way from the academy hall to the union…(its just few blocks away!!), and that too when we had a detailed map of the campus with us…..i guess those were the first moments when the seeds of friendship were sown….had a great time with these two girls….Arpita, who I must admit, is one of the few people I really feel close to, she has shown traits of a ‘true friend’ in two of the occasions, which I wont bother listing here (Arpi if ud ever read this, im sure ud have no idea which two instances im talking about!!)…but yes, I love her for all the support…Mallika too, a total fun person…total ‘chudail’…hehe…
These were my earliest aquaintances during the time I came here…next to meet was Sampad, who had come to our apartment with sandeepan, totally jet lagged….its weird actually….I have never “talked” on a one-to-one basis with him that much…it always used to be in the midst of “the gang”…but sampad is one of the few persons I respect a lot at RPI (sampad is gonna boo me if he comes across my blog…:D)…reason I like him a lot is because he is a total joker…u just cant keep a straight face in his presence…but what is equally true that he has a very serious and matured interior….he is one wise fellow around….
Next I had met was anish and hate (ameya) in the VCC…again, total fun…especially Hate, who is a total teddy bear kinda person…very adorable….n kinda wise too. I remember I had thought Sandeep to be a maharashtrian and had started talking to him in marathi…I mustve talked to him for like 5 complete minutes before Hate had shouted from behind that he was not understanding a word of what I was saying!!! Sandeep, another fellow, who made my job in the library quite entertaining.
But all these ‘characters’ among many more were the ones responsible for making my stay in RPI what it was….this was the ‘gang’…atleast the original version of the gang!!
I love them all…muuuuaaaaahhhh>:D<
Then there are some characters, the not-so-gang, who probably made a bigger impact in my life in that one year….there is Suman, one of the most ‘unique’ persons…actually unique does not do justice to him…dunno, all I can say is there can never be a second Suman….the first person to pep me up when I used to be down…you rock dude!
Rajat, my pseudo-professor at RPI…seriously, I think I would have flunked subjects like DSP, stoch and VLSI if it was not for his explanations of my doubts in these subjects…one total genius fellow and an awesome friend…these are the two guys I respect ‘the most’.
And yes, though he made a late entry during that one year, Sudip too, proved to be a total fun person….a great friend to talk to, go on walks with, fight with and climb trees with!! Frear park and my stay in house 2201 would have been different without him…:)

07 December 2007

i was truly happy this moment!!

For no particular reason I remembered a state of mind I was in few months back, and thought I should pen it down.
The feeling, or rather the state of mind im talking about is being happy for no particular reason….this happens rarely in my case….il be happy if I do something good, good work, read a good book, have a good conversation with someone or something similar….(that doesn’t mean im unhappy the remaining times, il just be kind of neutral)…..
Well, being a rare occurance, I remember that feeling with entire clarity….
The venue: 15th street in Troy….well this particular day I was as usual walking back from my lab after a moderate kind of accomplishment in my ‘research’….my friend who generally used to accompany me back home had decided to stay back longer in his lab…so It was just me, walking alone down the 15th street….i passed the student union on the 15th street, where some student band was practicing somewhere….an OK kind of music they were playing, and the notes were just drifting delicately with the breeze….the air was kinda pleasantly warm, with a soft breeze blowing against my face….and all of a sudden I got this rush in me…in my mind my heart…and I got this sudden bounce in my stride…I was surprised…why was I feeling suddenly so happy….without any reason….apparently…..I felt awesomely light headed…a feeling a child would get perhaps when it sees something for the first time, gets fascinated with it, and has no means or nobody to express its fascination with….the kind of excitement when the excitement has no outlet, and it just kind of grows synergically inside you…..i got something similar kind of feeling…only difference was I had seen/witnessed nothing fascinating at that moment….

I guess this kind of happiness, independent of anything/ anyone is the one that is actually known as ‘happiness’…doesn’t it just come to us?...does one really ‘need’ to pursue happ’y’ness?? Should one run behind things searching for happiness in them? Why cant we be happy just for the heck of it? …yes the happiness which can neither be created nor destroyed….the one which is within us…it just has to (re)-surface, but without the help of anything or anybody…

what a thing to write on blog!

a day spent in total useless-ness (is there a word like this?)...