25 February 2011

A Tag: Small Joys.

Small Joys-

Yamini's tag was very tempting and so I picked it up shamelessly! :D

- coming to work on time (read, coming early). I love to start my work-day early.
- Finding a parking spot very close to the entrance.
- Beating an almost red traffic light.
- finding a few coins in the wallet for the vending machine, when I am really hungry (or craving something)
- watching re-runs of Harry Potter and LOTR. Especially with like minded (HP/LOTR fans) people.
- Cooking together with friends.
- Buying a couch after ages and officially turning into a couch potato!
- Plonking on the couch with a book.
- Preparing my mind to go home and cook, and then later finding out its hubby's cooking turn instead!! (we cook alternate days in turns, if you must know ;))
- Sharing PJs (silly jokes) with mom.
- Me and mom pulling my sister's leg. She is such an easy target.
- Transferring photos from the SD card to laptop, viewing them and actually liking some of the shots.
- Spending time later editing and playing around with the shots. Oh! what fun :)
- Completing a hike I thought was beyond my reach.
- Girls' time out.
- gtalk chats.
- Finding out that a dear dear friend might visit the US, and I might even get to meet him!
- reading favorite blogs.
- a good session of yoga.
- hitting the bed after a long day.
- Watching Colin Firth movies and getting goosebumps. (yea, I act stupidly when I see his movies)
- sneaking impromptu Starbucks visits with hubby during the week.
- Portrait/people photography.
- listening to old voicemails left by near and dear ones. (sounds crazy, but I do this when I am craving to hear mom's voice or missing a friend)
- Exploring a new city alone.
- Selective ignoring. I am getting so good at not letting some people affect me. :D
- trying to re-create mom-cooked-food-taste, and getting close enough. :)
- cheap thrills.
- Taking up this tag and realising that it pays to see the brighter side of things.

17 February 2011

A little bit of color! - A photo heavy post!!

Well, its raining outside, and I am working from home today :).
I love it when the seasons transition. As we get ready to bid the winter goodbye, and welcome spring, I thought I will color up things a little bit. (Hence the blog template change and a photo-post). Lately, I have been obsessed with the color yellow. And it is quite evident from my recent photographs I posted on facebook. I brought home a bunch of yellow tulips recently, and tortured them to death by making them pose for me. Later a bunch of Narcissus had to bear the brunt of my (and hubby's) cameras. I never knew there was a flower called Narcissus, until we visited the farmers market a few weekends back, and saw these absolutely gorgeous yellow (but, of course!) and pale white flowers. It has a very sweet smell, similar to the mogra flowers that are common in India. Another flower that is making abundant appearance during this time is the cherry blossoms. I am not a big fan of pink, but the blossom's delicate structure complements pink color so beautifully, that I can endure the pink in this case. Anyways, without further ado, I shall post the flower pics (those who are in my fb friend list, will find the pics familiar :)).

*Click on the pic for a better view*

1) Tulips-1

2) Tulips-2

3) Random (dont know what they are called)

4) Narcissus-1

4) Narcissus-2

5) Cherry Blossoms