13 January 2011

NOKJ- attempt at review

Watched 'No one killed Jessica' Over the weekend. Some thoughts after seeing the movie:
- I liked the movie. Definitely a good effort.
- I liked Rani's role and her acting in that role. She did come across as a carefree, career oriented journalist with some sense of whats right and whats wrong.
- I am still not sure about Vidya's portrayal of Sabrina Lall. It was subdued, and very common-man-ish (woman-ish), the way it was supposed to be, I guess. But in some of the scenes the emotions she portrayed failed to reach me, for some reason. But there were quite a few genuine scenes where I was weeping profusely.
- Absolutely loved the portrayal of the police inspector (by rajesh sharma, is it?). He portrays as a bribe taking inspector, who provides help to the case, in every way possible way. He knows he has got to take the bribe (or else lose his bread and butter), but he really wants justice for the victim. His internal struggle when justice is denied is shown nicely, I feel.
- The line by the key witness (who portrays shayan munshi) 'Mujhe paise nahi chahiye, but mujhe ek goli bhi nahi khani' is rocking. It really got me thinking and we were discussing about it for a long time after watching the movie. Imagining myself in his shoes, what would I have done? It was not a question of 1 crore that was being offered, but it was a question of life or death. What would you do, in similar situation?
- This case, and several others, where witnesses turn hostile, shows that we ought to give high security to the witnesses. Especially, where wealthy and influential parties are involved. But then, is it asking for the impossible, considering that the people who provide security (or the policemen) can be (and are) influenced by these influential people?!
- In the movie, where they have shown public uproar after the acquittal of the accused, one person says something like 'we people go to the police and the law to get justice, but if even in these places there is corruption, where would we go?', made me realise the hopelessness of the whole situation. Because this case re-opened, and because this was such a "high-profile" (for the lack of better word) case, it saw justice (after years). But there are countless such cases which probably dont even see the light of day.
- The movie raises many questions (which we probably know), that make us think and re-think.
- Most of the reviews I read before, rave about the music.. But I absolutely hated it. It just didnt keep up with the mood of the film. The 'Dilli' track is good (and goes well with the description od Delhi), but otherwise the background tracks were just mood killers.
- I am terrible at writing reviews! :)


Richa said...

Loved the review. Thinking of watching it soon. Thanks for the tip.

nightflier said...

No you are not! You pretty much summarized what you felt after watching it and according to mr. ebert (whom I adore as a prolific writer) that's the quality of a genuine review!
Anywho, coming back to the movie, I felt Rani's pre-release stunts overhyped her role so much that I was disappointed by the second half. A good movie nonetheless, not as good as Aamir.

Nepo said...

nf, I thought it was a bad review because I yawned twice when I re-read it :D.
Yea, Aamir was def more compelling, without a doubt.

tanvii.com said...

I enjoyed the movie. Thought it was entertaining and gave a realistic interpretation of the incident :)

Nepo said...

yea.. i think it was an 'almost' realistic depiction... As far as I know, it was Tehelka who did the sting operation on the witnesses, and in the movie ndtv took all the credit :D. Though they did include a 'special thanks' to tehelka in the credits :D

Ketaki... said...

Yeah you are not bad at all.. I haven't watched the movie yet and I don't think I will now that DHobi Ghaat is coming this weekend.

However, will see it once it comes on Netflix.. :)

Mansi said...

Nice review :)
I agree with Yamini's comment above...Rani's role was really over-hyped!