05 November 2008

BB wanted!

This is not exactly a post, but a cry for help!! :D
Well, actually i was searching for quite some days for the English translation of Byomkesh Bakshi. (Byomkesh Bakshi who?? Please go to Pluto!!) Can anyone point me to an e-book or similar?
The original volumes are written in Bengali (Yet another reason to learn the language :D), But i guess finding the english translation would take less time then me learning a new language. Youtube series on the same is quite good, but not very accurate. So please, mere pyaare desh vaasiyon, if you have some clues to this, leave in a comment.


Rajeev said...

One can never run out of reasons to learn Bengali.
So much so that Pu La also learned Bengali to read Tagore's writings.
But ofcourse you have other reasons :P
Way to go...
And yes be sure about one thing my Blog entries will be more as the Election season comes up :)

Neha said...

eagerly looking forward!! should be fun reading and commenting and arguing/discussing :P

Neha said...

hey, and mala vatla you will direct me to the english e-book!! shya!!:D