27 April 2010

On wisdom and teeth

One of my friends is having his wisdom tooth, and was telling me how painful it is. It suddenly struck me that I have not had my wisdom tooth yet. Ok, im glad I dont have to suffer the pain, which seemed a lot going by the friend's description. But on the other hand, it really freaked me out that at 26, I still dont have my wisdom (tooth). So I turned to google to check out the age when you generally get wisdom tooth, and according to Wiki, its between 17 to 25. The second question is do all the people get wisdom teeth. Again google rescued me by stating 2-5% individuals dont get them (Do I feel special or what, to be among the chosen few!!). But I do intend to see a dentist and make sure there is nothing wrong. Or do I need to check on the 'wisdom' front? I wonder...

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