22 April 2009


You really don't have to look far when the time comes to finding inspiration. Just look around at your friends and family, and you will find loads of inspiration to better yourself. I know I know, the motivation should come from within yourself, and who would know that better than me, the proponent of Ayn Rand philosophies. But even then, for a person like me, additional triggers are necessary than what me, myself has to offer me. And such trigger I got yesterday, after talking to a dear friend. Let me take this opportunity (though i did tell you this over the phone) in saying again, that I am so very proud of you. Really. Now, I know you don't read blogs, and even if you did, I dont think you'd know i was talking about you. But its people like these and many more, who personify determination and perseverance, both of which i lack in great quantities. And its people like these who really push me to better myself. So, all you dear and crazy friends, unknowingly, you are helping me become a better person. Hats off to you guys!!

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