27 August 2009


Florida, here I come! yahooo!! With the long weekend in sight, I cant help but get excited about visiting Florida. Well, I am a little bit worried about the hurricane warning during the weekend, but then I have been told that these warning are never accurate. So, keeping my fingers crossed. Assuming my vacation doesnt get drenched by rain and horrible weather, I am looking forward to relaxing and having some fun!
I will mostly be staying somewhere near Miami, and dont plan to travel a lot once im there ;-) . I just plan to park myself at nearby beaches and laze around. So, if anyone has been to florida (specifically in and around Miami) before, suggestions are welcome!
I know this doesnt qualify as a decent post, but its still better than the twits I have been posting for the past month here! I promise myself to start writing and updating my blog regularly once im back from my vacation.

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Ketaki... said...

Welcome to Florida.. :)