17 September 2009

three down, how many to go!?

Though this post is a few months late in appearing on the blog, I had written it at almost the right time. I shall still post it.

Just realised that its been exactly 3 years of my being in Amrika. august 1st 2006 was the day Neha set her first footsteps on the Amrikan soil. No, there is nothing great about it, as everyday, countless such people as me come and go from this country. but somehow i thought this was worth thinking about (if not worth mentioning). the time a foreign land was my home. and yes, at home i did feel.
did these 2 years "just fly by" or did the time take its own sweet time to chug by? well, for me, it has been a mixture of both. but come to think of it, i dont really remember now, me ever thinking time is going too slowly. i guess most part of these 3 have been quite eventful, mostly marked by good events and of course to average them out, a few bad ones too. i often feel i have experienced all the feelings a person should experience in his/her lifetime. Be it the awe of being so far away from home for the first time in life, the relief of feeling at home in this land, yet the occasional pangs of being away from 'my' land. the feeling of experiencing the first snow, the sheer beauty and purity of it, seeing the fall colours, i mean i never knew there were these awesome hues outside paintings. Then being with friends, the night outs, studying at night, sleeping at 4 in the mornings, waking up at 10, and then sleeping during the 10 am lecture. (ok, i admit, who am i kidding, i used to bunk most of the 10 am lectures...habits die hard;-)). cooking together, never knew cooking can actually be fun. going to career fairs to collect the freebies.
the exams. the movie sessions. walks in the campus. pizza bella. snow fights. placements. going to career fair hoping to make an impression. interviews. the sinking feeling that i would never get a job i could actually like. That horrible 'inferiority complex' that conquers me so easily. then a sliver of hope. the terrified me during the day long technical interview. wanting something i like so badly. i actually prayed to god. then the nerve cracking wait. OK, im not that worthless after all. someone wants me.
then the 'phew' feeling. being bit by the shopping bug. summer. bliss. love. thesis. again, sleepless nights. buying the india ticket. Home.
The work culture. Being in awe of such awesome and genius people. And being fortunate enough to work with them, learn with them. Troy-sickness. Settling into the 9-5 routine. Realising its not that bad and monotonous as everyone said it would be! Enjoying work. Getting paid. Travelling. Car woes (this has been an integral part of my life here and worth a mention!!). The horrible economic low (yes, it does set a gloomy mood around you). Another trip home. Realising it by the passing day the need and the want to go back home.
Well, I could go on and on, but I have kind of started getting the feeling that this post is slowing (or rapidly) turning boring. So I shall stop!


Ketaki... said...

I realized while reading your post that we have become a bit independent and I do not mean just monetarily but a bit emotionally too.. I mean there are days when you feel low, or angry, or upset but we can overcome those feelings without the need of anyone being there..
It's sometimes good not to make your family a part of your worries and just saying that you are fine whenever your mom asks.. :)

Mansi said...

very aptly recorded and worded...a story every desi on amrikan soil can identify with! :)
and to ketaki,i realise that change in myself too...i calm myself down before i talk to my mom these days...guess we're a part of the adult world now!

Neha said...

yea, ketki, very true. I guess being in control of your own emotions is something you learn when you stay away from you close ones.