03 April 2007

shoppers' stop...:D

i was never quite the typical kind of girl who loves shopping..but for the past 2 days i dont know wots got into me....i just feel like going to crossgates everyday to shop till i drop...not that i want to or need any particular thing as such, but just for the heck of it...
i have also realised that shopping does pep u up when u r feeling down...i suddenly got a boost out of nowhere when a few days back i did a bit of shopping when i was feeling depressed!!strange it is:)
nyways i really dont know why and what exactly im writing about, n that too at 4 am..i guess im acting a psycho....nyways il stop before i start blabering on something else......[sigh] [sigh]..should soon think of a sensible topic to blog on!!!


Rajeev said...

Doesn't this relate to the previous post??God bless!!

Neha said...

i wont lie...to 'some' extent it does!!:)

Jeseem said...

so u got shopping flue.
enjoy while it lasts