13 October 2008

Things i did this weekend

  • Played tennis with S. Think we both are getting pretty good at it. Atleast better than when we started out.
  • Went to 6 flags with S and one of my office friends. It was fun. As usual
  • Won a huge Tweety soft toy at one of those game stalls at 6 flags. Its kinda freaky how tweety can support such a huge head on its little legs!!
  • Yelled till my throat got sore. and my neck still hurts.
  • Got new shoes. super comfortable running shoes.
  • S and I went to this awesome antique car exhibition near my office.
  • Regretted like anything about forgetting to take my camera to the exhibition :-(
  • Made pav bhaji :-)
  • Watched Harold and Kumar. nice movie, though made me go 'ewwww' on some occasions.
  • Dreaded Monday.

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Ketaki... said...

Thanks for the 'congrats'.. :) Your 19 truths and 1 lie is a nice blog.. I plan to steal the idea.. :) :)