25 February 2009

Bajaj Spirit

So my travel companion of almost 6 years was sold yesterday. Became paraya dhan. Someone else's amanat. Just like that. I have got so many things to say about my ex Spirit. But I have got like 5 minutes before i have to rush.... erm, to the bathroom :D

Anyways, a short list of a few observations when I first heard it was sold:
->> Its definitely going to leave a void. If not in my heart, then definitely in our garage.

->> We get so very attached to stupid material things. I mean its just a bike for chirssake!! True, had some great memories, some great rides, some very great accidents on that bike. Then treasure those memories, those rides, those accidents. But why the bike? Do we most of the times associate memories and feelings with material things, and thats why we miss the material things?

->>That Bajaj Spirit had kind of become my trademark in COEP. Neha comes with Bajaj spirit. and vice versa.

->>It rattled a LOT. I guess all spirits do , thats why probably they stopped producing them, but mine was the king of rattlers. No need for honking horns, the rattling was more than sufficient.

->>My Spirit survived 2 major accidents. What am I supposed to do if that idiot rickshaw driver takes a left turn in the rain without the indicator, and I cant pull the brakes quickly enough because im worried I will be late for reaching the boat club.

->>I have cursed my gadi a lot in the span of 6 years. I have also thanked my gadi for taking me to exams, parties, college, classes on time.

->>Im not feeling even a little bit upset on my gadi being sold.

But I have learnt not to get attached to things (well, atleast to some extent). To treasure the moments, and not the 'things'. To treasure the people, the memories, the parties, the gettogethers, the tears, the laughter and not the walls of the house. To treasure the rides and not the bike. To treasure the work, and not the company itself, treasure the knowledge acquired, the friendships developed, the times spent and not the institution itself. It is never easy to do it, but to some extent it can be done.Things and life become so much easier like this. Dont you think so?


nightflier said...

arre yours also got sold !!
congrats !! :P

Neha said...

haha...every bike has its day!

SAMUEL said...

Hee hee ! Nice to read.
I too have a spirit,bought in the year 2000 and it's still bouncing around.And yes the RATTLING oh man.
Sometimes I just feel like removing all the plastic parts and riding barebones.Jokes apart , it's quite reliable it's happy to run around town.Next buy would probably a Honda:)
All the best to you