14 May 2010

this n that

Many things are happening that are changing the way i look at things, the way I live life.
We get affected by criticism, by rejections, by praises, by acceptance. For almost all of us, the way people think about us, matters to us. But then among those people, there are people, who define the way they think about themselves, based on what people think about them. That is something I have been conciously trying to change. I have till now always been the kind of person who did not care what people thought about me (well, for most of the times). I have never done something because I wanted to "fit in". But these days I am finding that I am letting people decide how I feel about myself. My belief that I am good enough for a particular task gets strenthened when someone says something positive. I feel completely crappy about myself, completely demotivated, completely worthless when I face rejection. I feel that only for a few days, and after that I do get up and get moving. But the point is for those few days, I let other people decide the way I feel about myself and my capabilities. I dont know when this change in me happened. But nowadays I find it extremely difficult to face rejection. I remember while applying for MS, I had faced a ton of rejection letters before I got accepted into a good school. I dont remember being heartbroken at those rejections. Not even a little bit. But something has changed after that. I dont know what. But I dont like that what has changed. There are always going to be some people that are going to be better at doing a particular thing than you, and there are always going to be some people that are going to be bad at doing it than you. So when someone praises me about something, I should not feel good about myself, coz there are always some people better at doing that than me. Similarly, when someone rejects me, I should not feel bad coz there are always some people worse than me at doing that particular thing. Main thing is to know that today, you are better at doing a particular thing than what you were yesterday. That is all that matters.

My "running" project is going well too. I ran yesterday for 10 mins out of 20 (dont laugh!! 10 mins for me its hugh! remember, I couldn't run continuously for more than a minute before). With intervals of walking and running, I plan on running longer intervals without walking breaks. But I do sense improvement. (pat on my back)!!

I finally ordered a wide angle lens for my camera. Something I have been planning for a year!However the Nikkor one I wanted was still very pricey so I got a Sigma one. Cant wait for it to be delivered to me!! I also registered for shutterchance. It is this photohosting website, where you can create your own photoblog. I am thinking of migrating from flickr to shutterchance. I like their simple blog structure and the fact that you can view the photos with an option of a black background, which is important for some photos. Keep checking out this space for recent photographs! Considering I have got a new lens and I will be vacationing soon, I promise to keep that space updated. Link on the right!

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