25 October 2010

a random post!

Read Sophie Kinsella's "Can you keep a secret" over the weekend. Loved it!! Its a chick-lit, and its been years I have read any chick-lit. So I devoured it. It has a distinct mills and boon kind of feel to it. Though I was never a mills and boon avid reader, I have read a few of them many years ago, and this book reminded me of them. Though it has the 'Bridget Jones' Diary' kind of humor to it too. There were a few times when I was literally laughing out aloud while reading it. Sophie Kinsella is known for her shopaholic series. I have not read that series (and I don't think I will), but I did see confessions of a shopaholic (movie), based on one of the books in that series. And I did not like the movie at all. Simply because I could not relate even remotely to the main character (who is a shopaholic). That is pretty evident considering I absolutely cant stand shopping. :|

But 'Can you keep a secret' was very nice, and I actually found the protagonist quite cute and could relate to some parts of her. And plus, the hero is absolutely gorgeous... I mean really awesome. Geeky, multimillionaire, funny and sexy. I think I have a miniature crush on him. sigh.

Next in the queue is the Asimov foundation series. I have had the books for a long time and never got to reading them. Now is the time.

My weekend was actually very nice. As expert as I am getting to being an ace couch potato, I think I broke all my records over the weekend. Spent the entire weekend reading the above mentioned book, watching random Hollywood flicks, talking on the phone and catching afternoon siestas. Plus, its actually been a long time I have had a tension free, travel free, headaches free, work free, study free weekend. So it was welcomed with wide arms :).

Saw Robot the last weekend. I still cant get over how HOT Aishwarya Rai looks in that movie. I was seriously considering shifting loyalties from Abhishek to Aish after watching the movie. Planning to watch the movie again in a few days. It has some mind blowing and logic blowing concepts. Need a second time watch to fully register the movie.

Hope you guys have a good week ahead :)


nightflier said...

aah chic-lit! I was quite hooked with mills and boons, when I happened to read one book which kind of shattered my Indian sensibilities..and that was the M&B full stop for me :D

can I same pinch you for the asimov series ? They are next in line for me too :)

Neha said...

can you keep a secret is quite subtle in that respect and makes an awesome read!! I had lost interest in M&B because after a couple of books i found most of them had the same storylines and they started getting monotonous!

pRasad said...

I found Robot's only first half interesting :)

~ Lopa said...

Ohh one of my friends gave me that book and i loved it too.
I also wrote a blog post on the same ! :)


And yeah regarding that movie, i couldn't stand it !