06 May 2011

This and that.

I was on the verge of going underground again, to deal with some of the mess I have going on in my mind. You know, situations where you feel lost, confused, frustrated and cannot seem to pin point on a particular reason for your state of mind..and hence, clearing out the mess becomes a tad difficult..yea.. I was in that state of mind. I do realize now, that most of the confusion and stress was self created. As in, I was worrying and fretting for no apparent reason. Happens a lot with me. :(

Anyways, a lot happened over the past few days. S rammed our car in a tree and we had to buy a new car. That meant searching on craigslist, taking the bus to work, a lot of walking around to run the errands, being tired and yes, being tired. In the middle of all this, I spent a week in Colorado for work, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The training I was attending used to get over at 4 everyday, and I had pretty much the rest of the day to myself. So, it was all fun. And a welcome change. Spent the evenings taking long walks by myself, driving around on random roads without any particular destination in mind and taking a LOT of snaps. I think I took record number of snaps on this trip. I feel there is something very attractive about "just driving". No GPS to tell you the destination, no allotted time within which you have to reach that destination.. Just keep on driving. Take a random exit to watch the sunset, breath in the cold countryside air, and just soak in the nature and surroundings. That is what I had been doing almost all evenings of the week. I did get lost one time, but reached the hotel safe and sound by bed-time :D. The only thing that sucked was eating outside food for so long. As much as I love to eat out, eating hotel food for 7 days sucked. On day 3 I was so fed up of restaurant food, that I was craving for simple dal-chawal, and unable to find it anywhere close by I skipped meals that day :|.

A dear friend mailed saying he is the proud daddy of a cute baby girl .. :) I am still digesting the news. It is hard to imagine my batchmates as moms and dads. The other day, another batchmate-friend of mine and I were talking about how we don't feel grown-up enough. I mean, I have been married for about a year, and I don't feel "married". Maybe that is because all around me people seem to change after marriage. They lose touch, always seem busy and seem so "grown up" in general. The other day, mom mentioned in passing how I haven't changed a bit after marriage. I took that as a compliment. And that lead to further discussions with mom on what change she was expecting me to undergo. She said that ideally marriage in particular should not be the reason for any sudden change in a person. You do change over a course of time, but many a times, marriage does impose a lot of sudden responsibilities, lifestyle changes, habit changes that you seem to become a whole another person. So yes, she was in general happy that marriage as such has not brought about any catastrophic change in my life.

Anyways, I shall take leave now, and promise to come back with a better and meaningful post. Till then happy Friday and have a good weekend :)


Tanvi said...

Glad you didn't go underground and instead shared your everyday musings! :) I am glad that you are happy that marriage hasn't brought much change in you.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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nightflier said...

:) Over the past few months, I had this nagging urge to just abandon everything (meaning my online existence) and be a hermit. Did not work out :-/ Not that I tried too hard :P

But I kept on pouring my thoughts all over blogger and now that I look back, I feel weird(stupid) for getting affected so much by my own mess :D

Also your blog punch line, life is too important to be taken seriously, helps at random times. And your colorado stint sounds so much relaxing. Have been craving for such alone-time for so long now! must do something about it :)

Neha said...

@tanvi: thanks! I am glad i didnt disappear myself :)
@nf: I hope you do take out time, girl! It is refreshing :)

Snita said...

Hmm did i Miss something.
Glad that u wrote the blog.. and yes A call is pending!!

Neha said...

@snita: nope, you didnt miss anything.. i tell you almost everything :P :)