30 September 2008

ordinary musings

Madat kaun karne ko bol raha hai..(who is asking for your help), but is it SO hard to even wish well for someone??!!
Sorry if i sound suicidal or depressed or frustrated with life and people, because im not. I am leading a perfectly content, happy life (touchwood).
But the question posed in the first line, strikes me. it strikes me time and again. It strikes me when im at my happiest self. Ok, even i admit im insane and the authorities of the Yerwada hospital are on the lookout for me, but seriously, Why cant people wish well for others? Does it take a lot of your time and energy? or you have limited buffer to fill good wishes for. Even if this is true, why cant one just not wish at all? yaar atleast kisika bura mat chaho (atleast dont wish bad for anyone). I know, someones' wishing is not going to change anything for the person for who (or is it whom, according to Ross? ;)) it is wished. But still...

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