10 September 2008


Acadia cruiser was one hell of a bike. sHe served me well for a short span she was with me. my faithful companion when i used to bike my way 8-9 miles each day to and from office for few weeks. she was my only companion then. She is gone, probably got a new master, but her spirit continues to live..accompanies me, when i drive my car to office now. She had a major role in making me fit, active and enjoy biking. She was also responsible for giving me sore thighs and a sore ass. But, in her i found a relentless spirit, never tiring, never letting the air go off, always rolling.
I wish she is happy wherever she is. But i do wish the person who stole my bike, never enjoys his/her rides. Let Acadia give him/her a hard time whenever he/she rides. Afterall, it was my baby, my love, and no one had the right over it but me.
In fond memory, i owe you a lot.
survived by Her master and companion(neha) and family.
june 4th 2008- sept 2nd.

PS: They call it a "developed" nation...pan actually ikadche lok titkech garib ahet :-/

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