20 May 2009

ghoomna firna

The long weekend (though I did have to look up what the holiday was for!) is round the corner! Its really gonna be like an oasis in the desert. It was just yesterday that I actually started feeling the excitement of my trip to California. Not that this is my first trip to the land of sun and sand, but its going to be my first to Yosemite and Lake Tahoe! yay!! So, the excitement setting in, I went off for a round of shopping after work yesterday. I was in bad need of some comfy clothes, and have been planning on shopping for almost 2 months, but never found the time or enthusiasm to do so (I am not counting in a small bit of shopping I did in NY last weekend ;-) ). Pretty happy with my purchase yesterday, though all I bought was a smart black t-shirt and shorts, which I will need while hiking at Yosemite. Now the only thing left to be done is packing my bags, and before that, doing laundry that has accumulated over the ages!!

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