03 May 2009

Slap in the face!

I am tweaking the incidence a little bit, to protect the identity of the person.
So, a few days ago, a friend (well someone i knew from india, and we had kind of drifted apart) of mine saw me after a long long time, and said something spontaneously.."gosh! you look so beautiful now". I couldnt help but feel mildly annoyed and also pretty amused at this comment (how much ever true or otherwise it may be). I know he/she meant well, and was giving me a compliment, but common, i would have been better off without that "now" in the compliment :| . You dont really have to speak everything you have in your mind do you!

Its just one of those things when you are unsure whether to really feel pleased about the compliment!


Ketaki... said...

people are stupid.. Never listen to such stuff.

Neha said...

if I never listen, how can i come to the conclusion that some ppl are stupid?! :P