03 November 2010

Happy Diwali!

After lots of pleas, threats, blackmails and chocolates' lure, my mom finally took some snaps of our decorated house (for diwali) and sent them to me. And that was sufficient to turn me into a cry baby. (Yes, these days I cry at the drop of a hat.) I am missing home. Especially during diwali. I don't want to turn this into another post on nostalgia and homesickness as I have already bawled out here. But I am surely missing diwali. And everything that comes with it. The faral, crackers, lights, gifts, rangoli. I love our traditions for these reasons. You can actually 'feel' the festivity in the air. And it kind of grows on you. It is even sufficient for turning an anti-social, anti-tradition, anti-dressing up/make up person like me into a completely adorable, socialable, civil and well dressed person. For those few days.
Riding this festive wave, I bought a ticket to CA few days back so that hubby and I could spend our diwali together. I agree this was an impulse buy and that I had promised myself that my last trip 2 weeks back would be my last CA trip just 'visiting' before I move there.
I have been told that the couple's first diwali is supposed to be a big deal with lots of celebrations and the likes. Well, I don't know about that, but I am just glad that we will be together during the festival. I am also looking forward to the nice meal hubby has planned on cooking for me ;-). Anything for home made food not cooked by me. The 'not cooked by me' part is crucial... I have been so sick of eating food cooked by me for the past few months. I mean I don't cook 'bad' per se, but its just that I am tired of the same taste and the lack of variety in my food. Anyways, I digress.

This post was anyways just for wishing you guys a very HaPpY DiWaLi!!! May your life be full of happiness, light and fun :)


pRasad said...

Happy Diwali to you too Neha..

I know how does it feel to be away from home..especially during festival like Diwali. I took leave of 2 weeks (Don't raise eyebrows:D) just to visit my home..neways..Your hubby will be with you..so have a fun ! :)

Ketaki... said...

Widh you a Happy Diwali too.. And where does your Husband stay in California? When you move back for good we should make some time to meet. I stay in LA.. :)

Neha said...

Prasad: 2 weeks leave is perfectly justified;-)

Neha said...

ketaki: He stays in san jose. I have been to LA long time back..but not sure how far it is from san jose..im guessing 3-4 hrs drive.. But we should catch up sometime..:)

nightflier said...

wish you the same Neha! :)

tanvii.com said...

I hope you are feeling better after a trip to CA and hopefully an awesome Diwali spent with your Hubby! :)

Wishing you a Belated Happy Diwali Great Year ahead though!!!