17 November 2010

relocation project-1

Just to avoid racking my brains over a post title, I am going to post a few posts under the theme "relocation project", in the coming few weeks.

I sold my car today. My first car. It is a part of the whole cross country relocation programme I am involved in :D.
And surprisingly, I didn't feel 'that' sad seeing my car go. I mean, I did feel a teeny bit of pang, but that's it. Maybe it is because it was not a great car in the first place, that's why. And I was having some issues with it for a while, and it did contribute to a major part of my agonies in the past couple of years. But even then, letting go a possession can induce a bit of sadness.
I have learnt a major thing in this whole relocation project. Yes, I have given this project a name, have made notes, lists and what not. The reason: I am absolutely terrible at this kind of thing..you know, packing, organizing, sorting... And I was dreading it, like I dread going to the gym! So anyways, I thought why not treat this relocation as a project, an assignment with a deadline. That way, I would complete it, and maybe even enjoy it a little bit. And it has really worked! Just the completing part..not the enjoyment part ;)

Anyways, as I was saying, I have learnt that no matter how hard it might seem to let go your stuff... your old clothes, your hand picked furniture, you car, your dingy little rented apartment that you so loving decorated (and loving messed it up on a regular basis), its just the inertia you need to overcome in this whole "letting go your stuff" process.
Few days back, when I started packing, I decided not to take the clothes that are too big for me, or the clothes I had got from India during the first visit which are too small to fit me. So basically I created a heap of clothes which I eventually donated. And now that I think about it, it was just the first piece of clothing (a jeans) that went into that heap took me hours to put it in that heap. I spent a considerable time thinking whether I will ever fit into it? It does have some awesome college days memories attached to it. Its not that faded or threadbare.. But then once I put that first jeans in the "clothes to donate heap", the rest of the clothes went in it pretty quickly. And I realised that it actually felt good. Giving away clothes that I never touched, had even forgotten they existed. It felt like a cleansing process. It felt like something old was coming to an end, and something new was starting. And it did feel good! After that one jeans I had trouble parting with. Even though the rest of the clothes had their own stories behind them, their own memories, I realised that clinging to them in the name of memories was just a waste of space and a waste of money.
So anyhow, by the time it was my car's turn to go away, I had become almost cold hearted. And that's why, the lack of any earth shattering emotion. :)
But I guess, once you really make up your mind, it is easy to let go and move on.


nightflier said...

1. I love the project and deadline idea, guess its a clear signal to your brain that dude dont get sentimental ;)
2. I think some of the inertia can be attributed to uncertainties and what-if's involved. The lesser thought of the above mentioned evils the better :)

Neha said...

yep!! the 'what-if's' play a major role in that inertia!!

Mansi said...

i totally agree with you on the "inertia" thingy!!
While moving into my new apartment here in gainesville, i faced a similar situation, and by the end of it i was ruthless with the stuff i wasn't using...but it felt great getting rid of clutter!

Ketaki... said...

You know this post is a motivation for me as I soon have ot go through the packing process while moving in to our new home..

I am looking forward to a lot of "donating" as well.. :)

Sam said...


I felt like dedicating a song to you...
Bas itni si
Tum se guzaarish hai
Guzaarish hai

Yeh jo baarish hai, dekho na
Yeh jo baarish hai
Iss mein teri baahon mein marr jaaun
Bas itni si, chhoti si
Ik khwahish hai
Bas itni si
Tum se guzaarish hai..

bas itni si
tumse farmaaish hai
yeh jo baarish hai
dekho na
yeh jo baarish hai
is mein mere sang gunguna na na na na na na na na na na na na
gunguna na na na na na na
gunguna na na na na na na na na na na na na
is mein mere sang gunguna na
kal radio pe aya tha jo wohi wala gaana
gaate gaate bahon mein mar jaaun
bas itni si
chhoti si
ik khwaahish hai
bas itni si
tumse Guzaarish hai

haan, guzaarish hai..
guzaarish hai..

English Translation:
just this much
is request to you,
request it is..

this rain, look at it,
this rain that is there,
in this (rain) in your arms should I die,
just that much, a small,
wish it is..
just this much
is request to you..

just this much
is a request to you
this rain, look at it,
this rain that is there,
hum with me in this,
hum with me in this,
the song that came on radio yesterday..
while singing in arms should I die,
just that much
a small,
wish it is..

yeah, request it is..
request it is..

Neha said...

Good luck on all the packing and moving, ketaki!