16 July 2010

Amazing nature

I have been wanting to write about my experiences during the Alaska trip, ever since i got back. But as they say, some of your best moments are private!! And so will my experience during this week long trip will be.. private. Well, almost. Apart from the snaps I have already shared!!
In the snap below: This was written on one of the boards inside the Denali national park. The lines below describe best, what you feel when you see those high mountains..everywhere. If you notice the time of sunrise and sunset, it is quite fascinating, because of the sunset at midnight (And believe me, the sun never actually sets completely in summer. The one week i was there, we did not see darkness!! )

That Wonderful World of high mountains,
Dazzling in their rock and ice,
Acts as a catalyst.
It suggests the Infinite,
But it is not infinite.
The heights only give us what we ourselves bring them!!
-Lucien Devies.

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hitch writer said...

Aint that wonderful... !! I have always wondered... how is it that the people there would feel with a day starting so early and ending so late.. !! for kids playing cricket in the evening this is so wonderful !!! :P