28 July 2010

Wordless wednesday

I was going to give up on this Wordless wednesday posts I started doing last week. Why? Because Its been ages I did any clicking around (shame on me) and I thought there would be a lot of pressure on me every wednesday! I mean I have no interesting pics to post. I have a lot of good old ones, but I have already posted them either on flickr or facebook. Anyways, found a pic I like hidden in the archives of my hard disk. Dont think I have posted it anywhere..

Face yourself!!

About the pic: That is my camera, Nikon D80 you are seeing in the pic. I had just bought a remote for the camera and was trying it out. Location: the bathroom of my apartment!! (what! I dont have a mirror outside the bathroom..what to do!! ). Anyways, I have broken my promise to keep this wednesday wordless.


pRasad said...

Nice camara :)

Neha said...

thanks!! its my 'jigar ka tukda' :)