06 July 2010

I do not break stereotypes.. I am just who i am !!

Stereotypes.. I am pretty sure all of us must have done something just because it was stereotypical, and most of the times we might have broken , or at least tried to break the stereotypes... not because they are stereotypes, but just because you simply cannot get yourself to follow them.
So, in dearth of any interesting writing material, I forced a tag on myself, picked up from Richa's blog. I found this tag interesting. And the moment i read it, I could think of a list of things I have done that does not fit the stereotype of a 'girl' .
Well, I am not fond of breaking stereotypes, but I am fond of doing things i like. And it so happens that the things i like, most often do not fit in the things that girls generally do. Following is the list:

1) I absolutely HATE makeup. I guess the only time i was forced into using it was during my wedding . I thought i looked like a clown :( and felt extremely uncomfortable under the layers of cosmetic products. The makeup lady got the shock of her life when i told her that at 26, i have never used makeup :|

2) Something that just struck me... I don't own a purse/hand bag. not even one. I have never used it. I find it extremely inconvenient, as it is very impractical to carry my camera (which accompanies me most of the times), or my books/laptop to work. I find the combination of a wallet+backpack more convenient and comfortable.

3) My walk, I have been told resembles a person who is on a rampage, with the intention of doing serious damage to anyone that stands in the way. Well, i exaggerate, but you get the point, no?

4) I have been in fights with guys.. a LOT when i was young, and a few fist fights when I grew up. Ok, these grown up fights were all in good humor, but they were 'hatha payi' for sure!!

5) I absolutely love to handle gadgets and i feel I am actually good at that (there i go..blowing my own trumpet ;) ). Be it using a hammer/drill or handling a camera.. I feel a sense of pride that I can assemble the most complex of ikea stuff easily when some of my guy friends actually crib about assembling it. I know its not rocket science, but it makes me happy that i can do it very easily! (Ikea is this furniture store where you get furniture in its dismantled portable state and you have to assemble it using the stuff provided) And moreover, I love assembling/dismantling stuff. I do the household mechanical jobs myself .. like fixing the drain, or a short circuit or a broken window. A few months back, I single handedly did all the lighting of our garden for my wedding reception. I was actually fixing the wiring and the sockets a couple of hours before the reception, when i was supposed to be getting ready!! I love handling machines..be it driving a car or driving a nail in the wall. Period.

6) I love photography... I don't know if its a guy thing, but I don't know of any girl (other than a few ones online) in my friend circle who loves clicking around. So I am putting this point.

7) I travel light. Most of the times, its just my back pack and that's about it.

8) I dress in a way that is generally typical of guys... wrinkled jeans and t shirts being common. Not that I try to wear them often.. but just that i find them very comfortable.

9) Im not very fond of shopping. I hate to shop, especially for clothes. In fact im not very fond of the shopping malls here. They make me claustrophobic.

10) I am messy.. I am absolutely not proud of it... But i seriously dont feel the need to keep the place neat and sparkling (ah well... who am i kidding.. i am lazy.. there i said it. That the main reason ;))... I mean I wont object to living in a clean house, but you would rarely find me keeping the house clean. Again.. working hard on trying to change this habit.

11) I am not sure if this is a stereotype or not, but nightflier pointed out recently that there are very few girl coders.. So that's another thing i like to do.. I like electronics, and coding and my job, which requires me to do both.

So that it! that's my list. Though I do have some qualities that are stereotypical of girls.. I love chocolates , absolutely love mushy flicks and the Jane Austen type books/movies. I do like occasional cooking of complicated recipes (though i never guarantee their success), and i am fussy about my hair :|

So go ahead and take up the tag.. girls and guys alike!


nightflier said...

With you on 5,6 and 12 :D
Shop I can! specially for others :P shopping for myself is extremely boring..
and on 1 agree partially..I have lived in a girls hostel to be dragged into all the girly things..I am not extremely comfortable wearing make up, but once in a while its fun :)

And I am picking up the tag..Lets see how much I can remember :D

Indian Home Maker said...

I loved what you said about just being YOU. That's what breaking stereotypes is all about - just doing what we have the aptitude and interest for, and not trying to fit into gender roles - that makes you a SAGS :) (Join other SAGS on facebook!)

I feel a lot of women find jeans comfortable - simply because they are the easiest to maintain, sit anywhere, iron or not iron and turn from casual to formal with change of a top and accessories! And men love jeans for similar comfort. Nothing to do with gender here!

Not carrying bags, not loving shopping and hating make up is a sin against gender stereotypes :)

5 & 7 are very impressive! And 10th is reserved for men indeed :)

Anonymous said...

Wish you a very Happy Married Life ahead. God Bless You.